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How To Use Aweber Sequential Autoresponders

What do industry giants like Disney, Microsoft, Intel, and American Express have in common? They’ve all sought out the expertise of the “master of targeted opt-in e-mail,” Jonathan Mizel. Now you can, too! Hardcore businesses pay thousands of dollars to hear Jonathan speak, but you don’t have to. Through an exclusive offer with Aweber, you can hear directly from Jonathan […]

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The Attessa on Lonsdale Quay

Coming back from my failed attempted to ride the Canada Line, I noticed a very big 225 feet long boat docked on Lonsdale Quay. A closer look showed the name Attessa on the side. I was confused by this because I know the Attessa and it wasn’t this big. Turns out that the official name for the yacht was Attessa […]

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The Top Commentators List Is Back

I had to disable the Top Commentators Plugin last week because it was having problems with the WordPress database. The plugin was slowing down the loading of the blog to the point where it was timing out. After a week of tweaking, I’m happy to report that the problem seems to be fixed. The Top Commentators list the top 10 […]

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