Fine Dining Ramblings

Visiting The Only 85C Bakery Cafe In America

I first discovered 85° C Bakery Cafe while visiting Taipei for Computex. In Taiwan, 85° C Bakery Cafes are like Starbucks – they’re everywhere. The company got its name because 85° C is the perfect drinking temperature to enjoy a cup of coffee. 85° C is largest coffee franchise in Taiwan, with nearly 300 stores. However, there’s only one 85° […]

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Dot Com Lifestyle Ramblings

The Crystal Cathedral – If You Build It They Will Come, But They May Not Stay

The Crystal Cathedral is considered by many to be the original mega church. Founded by Robert H. Schuller and his wife, Arvella, the church has grown from space rented from the Orange Drive-In Theatre into one of the most impressive all glass buildings in the world. Construction on the Crystal Cathedral began in 1977 and was completed in 1980, built […]

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The Winner of The Tassimo Brewbot

Congrats goes to Katherine Chu for winning the Tassimo Brewbot T20. Katherine will be using her new Brewbot to make the perfect cup of eggnog latte. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as an eggnog latte or that the Brewbot can even make one. Thanks to the over 250 people who entered the contest. It was a […]

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