Free Cab Rides In New York City

Ever wonder how much a 14 hour cab ride in NYC costs? Comedian/New Yorker Mark Malkoff decided to answer that very question by giving out free cab rides to New Yorkers for the entire day. His video adventure premieres today on Individuals were invited to either Tweet or Facebook Malkoff with their location and desired destination which resulted in […]

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Infolinks Launches New Search Widget

Infolinks, the leader in in-text advertising, has released a new Search Widget feature to their network. This will help increase the revenue that publishers are already making with Infolinks. We are pleased to announce the official launch of the Infolinks Search Widget! Search Widget targets only visitors arriving to your website from a Search Engine (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo […]

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Why You Should Kick Google SEO & Hop On YouTube

SEO bigwigs and online marketers worldwide are painstakingly trying to boost the search engine position of their businesses and brands. The majority are spending countless hours on guest posts, blog comments, reciprocal links and creating exceptional online content in order to please those complex Google algorithms and climb up the search rankings. So, what if you found out that those […]

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10 Ways Cloud Computing Will Improve Our Lives

In technology world, everyone is talking about cloud computing and many business applications are adopting cloud technology faster. Over the last 10 years there is a huge shift from traditional software to the internet. Hardware and software used in traditional business applications are expensive and complicated for which a whole team of experts are required to update, install, configure, test […]

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