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How To Move Subscribers From One List To Another

If you’re like me, you maintain more than one email list. Aweber allows you to set up an unlimited number of lists and auto-responders. Separating your list into difference segments is not only smart, it’ll make you more money. A problem that many email marketers have is moving a subscriber from one list to another. There is no “move” function […]

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How To Add Facebook Email Opt-In Form To Your Blog

Aweber has just come up with the coolest email opt-in feature ever! They’ve made it so any facebook user can sign up for your email list just by clicking a button. There’s no need for the user to enter their name or email address because that information is pulled from Facebook and pre-populated into the sign up form. The user […]

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Blogging recession and why THIS is the best time to blog

Twitter killed blogs. Facebook ran them over! Its been doing rounds for over a year now that blogging is on the decline. Mashable and NYTimes added their study of how the young would rather tweet than blog. So overall the number of bloggers out there looks grim. And yet I say that this is the BEST time you could be blogging. As all bloggers […]

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