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Six Practical Tips for Better Blog Content

For all the tutorials available online regarding SEO and marketing techniques, you could be forgiven for forgetting about the true key to successful blogging, quality content. It doesn’t matter if you are an SEO genius or have the flashiest wordpress theme around, if your posts aren’t up to scratch, you’re blog will never really take off. And while keeping the […]

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Affiliate Summit West 2012 – Shoemoney Keynote

The closing keynote of Affiliate Summit West Las Vegas was delivered by my good friend and enemy (frienemy?) Jeremy Schoemaker of The keynote would be Shoe’s 50th presentation and his last. I actually recorded the entire presentation and was going to process it with Shoe’s slides, but had to scrap the idea when I found out that recording of […]

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Blogging Online The Net

How To Track YouTube Conversions

Do you have a YouTube conversion tracking strategy? If you’re like me, then you’re probably uploading product reviews, screen capture tutorials and other short videos on YouTube to promote your affiliate website or affiliate links. But how are your YouTube promotions really impacting your profits? Is YouTube really worth your time? There’s no real way to know unless you implement […]

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How to Write an Article for Internet Marketing

Article marketing is primarily used to promote products and services on the internet, with the sole purpose of attracting traffic to a website. The medium used for promotion is predominantly article directories. The focus is often on directories with high PageRank and considered authoritative by search engines, and can therefore attract large numbers of visitors. Irrespective of how many directories […]

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