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Planning Broadcasts with The Email Calendar

From Christmas to New Year’s to No Pants On Subway Day, holidays and special events present an awesome email marketing opportunity. Wouldn’t it be great if someone made a calendar to remind us of those days so we can prepare our promotions? Well, someone has. My pals over at Aweber have compiled an email marketing holiday calendar for businesses and […]

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Testing The GoPro Hero At Disneyland

I have been busy testing the GoPro Hero that I got from the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. This tiny camera has become the choice for extreme sports filming. The unit is small enough to mount virtually anywhere and comes with a wide array of mounting accessories. Since yesterday was Martin Luther King Day and Sally was out of school, I […]

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CES 2012 Recap – What You Missed

I posted a total of 13 articles during CES. This was done over just three days so it’s possible you might have missed a story or two. To ensure you are fully caught up, here’s a recap on all the stories from the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. Boats, Babes and Cars ShowStoppers Sleep Like A Baby With Zeo Sleep System […]

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Why Do People Share Videos?

We have all been told that a picture paints a thousand words. As cliché and hackneyed as this expression has become, it remains a useful starting point for this discussion into video sharing, and the increasing trend for the use of visual material to convey a message, as opposed to written material. Why has video sharing become such a popular […]

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