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Testing The GoPro Hero At Disneyland

I have been busy testing the GoPro Hero that I got from the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. This tiny camera has become the choice for extreme sports filming. The unit is small enough to mount virtually anywhere and comes with a wide array of mounting accessories. Since yesterday was Martin Luther King Day and Sally was out of school, I […]

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Trade Show

CES 2012 Recap – What You Missed

I posted a total of 13 articles during CES. This was done over just three days so it’s possible you might have missed a story or two. To ensure you are fully caught up, here’s a recap on all the stories from the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. Boats, Babes and Cars ShowStoppers Sleep Like A Baby With Zeo Sleep System […]

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The Net Videos

Why Do People Share Videos?

We have all been told that a picture paints a thousand words. As cliché and hackneyed as this expression has become, it remains a useful starting point for this discussion into video sharing, and the increasing trend for the use of visual material to convey a message, as opposed to written material. Why has video sharing become such a popular […]

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