How I Broke Through The Great Firewall of China

As many of you know, I’m in Shanghai, China for spring break. The last time I was here, the great firewall of China wasn’t much of a problem. Most of the sites that I used were accessible and available. This time around, most of those sites are completely blocked off. I have no access to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Hootsuite, […]

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Standing On Top Of The World

Today was our first official day in Shanghai, and I decided to take Sally over to the Pudong financial district to check out the Oriental Pearl Radio Tower. This is the tallest tower in Asia, and offers an amazing view of Shanghai. The tower holds a special place in my heart because it was at the top of this tower […]

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One Simple Secret To Become A Productive Blogger

What’s your greatest blogging challenge? I’ve interviewed more than 15 bloggers and I discovered that productivity is what they’re battling with daily. The internet has ushered bloggers into a new realm of endless opportunities, but it’s also caused a lot of failures for most people – even though they don’t realize this. I know a lot of people who did […]

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The $1,000 Visa To China

Last week, I was up in Vancouver to give a couple of presentations. While I was there, I also renewed my Canadian passport. Overall, it was a fun and productive one week trip. A couple of days ago (Monday, March 18), I went to the Chinese Visa office in LA to get a visa for my trip to Shanghai. I […]

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How to Video Interviews

I’ve been getting into the video marketing space a lot recently. They are a great way to connect with you readers / viewers. It is a very personal way to communicate with people.  If you want to make a connection with people, there is no better way. My friend Murray Newlands has managed to make living from doing video interviews […]

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