Top Free Hosting Companies

I’m in the hosting industry.  I refer a lot of people onto free hosting companies  Because of this I put together the Top 25 Hosting Companies in the World a couple months ago to help people and give them an unbiased option with no affiliate revenue behind it.  Today, I’m at it again with the Top Free Hosting companies so […]

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Dot Com Lifestyle Ramblings

Bula From Fiji!

After an 11 hour flight crossing two date lines (left on April 26, landed on April 28), we finally landed in Fiji. Since Fiji is such an exotic location, I decided to take the family with me. Sally is so far enjoying her time in paradise. However, she still prefers Hawaii as her favorite tropical getaway. Today is a free […]

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2 Must-Have WordPress Plugins I Researched For You

I love wordpress CMS. My reason: I can access thousands of useful plugins that can enhance my blog. Don’t forget that 87% of these plugins were developed by Bloggers who knows what they’re doing. Those entrepreneurial bloggers understands the challenges in the blogosphere. And their products are here to address them, one by one. As a rule of thumb, you […]

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Blogging Online

Does PPC Increase Traffic?

PPC marketing operates by using search engines that make contracts with businesses. The site generally has a listing with Google or any other search engine, along with a headline and possibly a marketing blurb.  In this post we’ll go into pay per click maketing and how it can help your website increase with traffic. Does PPC Marketing Increase Traffic? Yes, and […]

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Blogging Blogging Online

The Art of Stress-Free Blog

Is blogging all about hard work? If you want to achieve tremendous success online with your blog, you’ll need to adapt to changes as soon as they occur. “Art” deals with creating, innovating and breathing life into your life and business. When it comes to blog marketing, so many bloggers don’t understand that marketing is not all about working hard; […]

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