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Tesla Motors Has An Affiliate Program, And It Sucks

As some of you may know, I have an order in for a new Tesla Model X. I ordered the falcon winged $140K electric SUV (with Ludicrous mode) the day after Elon Musk unveiled it to the world back in September 29, 2015. [youtube id=”RUz_EXSmp9w” align=”center” mode=”normal”] Today, I logged into my Tesla account hoping to see an update on […]

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Google Adwords Optimization Strategies – Avoid Broad Matched Keywords

Google Adwords continues to pioneer PPC (pay-per-click) marketing and they continue to tweak their network to increase growth and relevancy. With their search algorithm going through updates, it only makes sense that they tweak their ad network so they work hand in hand. There’s no point in changing the way Google displays search results and having an advertising network that […]

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