Blogging The Net

How To Improve Your Website’s Domain Authority

There has been a lot of discussion over domain authority so it only makes sense that I discuss DA and its relevance to ranking websites higher within the SERP’s. It is a metric by MOZ and is defined as… “Domain Authority represents Moz’s best prediction for how a website will perform in search engine rankings.” Essentially, it’s the value given […]

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Cars Videos

Tesla Model X Summon Feature

For your Sunday morning viewing pleasure, I thought I would give you a demonstration of the Summon feature found in my Tesla Model X (which I got for free). Summon is a feature found in the Tesla app and the Tesla key. The feature allows you to basically drive the car by remote control. It’s great for those times when […]

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How To Give Life To Your Dying Blog

Blogging is very tough and the constant supply of fresh content can be difficult when starting out. One of the hardest things to do when starting a blog is to keep a frequent posting schedule. Many people fail to post frequently because of other commitments, but mainly because they just don’t know what to write about. During this time, your […]

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