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Your Inbound Strategy

Inbound marketing is still very important and people cannot avoid using it within their content marketing strategy. For those of you NOT familiar with the phrase “inbound marketing”, it’s using marketing methods that directly drive people to your website without the blogger doing external marketing on their own. Outbound marketing is using social media, writing in forums, and guest posting, […]

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Is Tesla Autopilot In The Model X Safe To Use?

My Tesla Model X P90D has many cool features that are unique and not found in other cars. One of those features is the ability to drive itself. Tesla Autopilot uses a unique combination of cameras, radar, ultrasonic sensors and data to automatically steer down the highway, change lanes, and adjust speed in response to traffic. Drivers and passengers generally […]

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What Are UTM Codes and How Do You Use Them

As you make your way around the web, particularly in the context of Internet marketing, you’ll likely encounter UTM codes as part of certain tracking URLs. They’re used extensively by all sorts of Internet marketers and major corporations. It’s part of how the Amazon Associates program works, for example, and how they’re able to attribute the referred sales to your […]

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Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins to Optimize Your Blog For Search Engines

Over the years I’ve been testing different things from web design, blogging platforms, content style and link building techniques. It’s been an awesome experience and I’ve learned a lot along the way. By far WordPress has been my ultimate blogging platform because of it’s simplicity and the vast options it provides for users. For example, by installing a few simple […]

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The Biggest Social Media Myths Out There

Social media networks have been around for years and no one can argue with the growth a majority of them have had in the past year. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ all have seen a significant increase which means they’ve become an even more vital tool to increase engagement. However, many people still are living in the past […]

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Dot Com Lunch at Stacks Pancake House

Nixon Tanuwidjaja has spent his life pursuing his passion for unique delicious meals. Working full time in a restaurant while he put himself through college, Nixon realized how much he enjoyed the hospitality industry and began his pursuit to own his own restaurant concept. Directing operations for four Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles gave Nixon two life changing experiences, an […]

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