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If It Can Be Automated, You Can Be Replaced

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, man has been pitted against machine. And ever since that time, machine has ultimately triumphed. That’s because a well-designed machine will always be more efficient, more accurate, more precise, and more cost-effective in the long run than its flesh-and-bone counterpart. Not all machines have gotten there yet and there’s always more work to be done, […]

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Cars Videos

South Orange County Cars and Coffee

On this episode of the Dot Com Life Vlog, I drove down to the Outlets at San Clemente to check out the South Orange County Cars and Coffee. The event happens every Saturday morning from 9am till 11am and brings together up to 600 cars. It’s really nice family friendly event and well worth checking out if you’re a car […]

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Dot Com Lifestyle

You’re Probably Going to Get Depressed

Don’t worry too much. This blog post isn’t meant to be a total downer, I promise. In fact, it could be one of the most uplifting and reassuring things you read this week. If you’re a regular reader of John Chow dot Com, then you probably aren’t like most people. You probably aren’t all that interested in climbing the corporate […]

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Another Great Way to Calculate Link Quality & Value

When building links to your blog, I encourage focusing on quality. We know how Google has been making several changes to the search results and how they have shifted their focus to quality. The change comes from understanding the user search pattern and how it’s changed in recent years. For example, you’ll notice people are much more precise, using both […]

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The Net

Top 3 Types of Videos Gen X Users Wants to See

Discussion about how best to market to millennials is one of the most popular talking points on the Internet today, especially among business professionals who want to tap into this potentially lucrative demographic. Should we all be jumping on Snapchat and sharing silly pictures of ourselves with goofy filters? What many of these marketers are neglecting are the generation of […]

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