South OC Cars & Coffee San Clemente

This week’s South Orange County Cars and Coffee was full of supercars, especially Ferraris and McLarens. There was also a VW Bug (also known as a Punch Buggy) that was powered by a 427 cubic inch (that’s 7 liters) big block Chevy motor! That’s way too much motor for a bug, but it’s one way to pack a big punch […]

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Dot Com Lifestyle

Tomorrow’s Big Win Starts Yesterday

One of these days, you’re going to be the head of one of those newsworthy Internet startups that eventually goes IPO or gets bought up by Facebook, Apple or Google. One of these days, you’re going to be one of those big, successful online influencers who rakes in thousands of dollars for a single tweet or Instagram post. One of […]

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Blogging Online

Exploring ROI Beyond the Numbers

If there is at least one thing you can learn from television shows like Dragons’ Den and Shark Tank, it’s that you should always have a great handle on your numbers. Whether your business is online or offline, physical or digital, you need to know your numbers. How much revenue did you pull in last year? How many units were […]

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Blogging Online The Net

Email Statistics To Watch

I’ve always stated that email marketing is the best form of engagement. Many will agree, however, some will say with the introduction of social media, the conversion rate has been lowered. Every now and then, I like to set out to find some statistics to help prove and reiterate the power of email marketing. By understanding the power of social […]

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