Social Media and Video 2019 Industry Report

Video marketing is the number one strategy among both small and large businesses today. Why is this? One big reason is that business and eCommerce owners are starting to realize that they must get on the “video bandwagon” if they want to keep the attention of their brand. It was recently discovered that up to 80% of all internet traffic […]

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The Net

The Biggest Secret to Getting Backlinks

The specifics of Google’s algorithm are changing all the time. One day, the experts will say that you should do one thing. The next day, they’ll tell you that Google is “punishing” you for doing exactly that thing. This is simply the name of the game. If you live by the Google, as John so famously said, you can only […]

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Blogging Online Videos

Should You Use Double Opt In?

In this video, I continue my series on how to start an email marketing business. Today’s lesson will cover single opt in vs. double opt in. Which one is better and which one should you use? Watch the video to find the advantages and disadvantages of each. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Start Your List – Today No Risk No […]

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Why Your Blogger Outreach Is Not Working

No one can argue with the power of email marketing, and networking. These two combined are the right mix to accomplish EXACTLY what you are trying to build online. For example, much of the blogging and traffic I generate is through outreach, and getting the help of other bloggers within the industry. However, this process is ART and SYSTEM because […]

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