25 Best Traffic Building Tips – Part #21 Yahoo Answers


It’s been a while since I posted an update on my 25 Best Traffic Building Tips. This tip is pretty cool because I discovered it while I was shopping for gigs online. I’ve always been intrigued with Yahoo Answers because I had heard about them previously as a great way to generate enormous traffic. I’ve even used Yahoo Answers to find solutions to common problems I’ve had in the past. Next, even though it’s been concluded “no follow” links will provide no value to your page, many have debated they actually do. When I check my link profile in Ahrefs.com, I’m given a list of “no follow” links that are pointing to my website. When I built links using only “no follow” backlinks, I’ve seen an increase in my SERP rankings and I think much of it has to do with relevancy from authority URLs. Anyway, I’ve discovered a cool way to build links from Yahoo Answers and this can be done quickly with no effort. For example, Yahoo only allows you to add links under your answers when you hold a Level 2 account. If you’re just starting out, this will take time, however, on Fiverr.com, you can find people holding Level 2 accounts and will post a link for you.

There are two ways you can approach this strategy. First, you can purchase a level two account like the illustration above and start posting your own answers with links. Secondly, with some searching, you can find gigs offering to post answers for you with a link back to your page.

Strategy #21 – Yahoo Answers

The process is very simple and starts with posting relevant questions so you can then add solutions relevant to your niche. Everything should be based around relevancy so make sure you keep a few things in mind…

  • Search relevant questions
  • Make sure you have content on your blog relevant to the question so you can point to it as an additional source
  • When answering in Yahoo, make sure to provide a complete in-depth solution

Posting Questions

Start by heading over to answers.yahoo.com and do a quick search. You’re looking for two things: First, questions with very few answers that are NOT in-depth so you can provide your insight. Secondly, relevant questions missing so you can post them and provide an answer to them on your own. For you to post questions and answer, you simply need to have two accounts: 1 for posting questions and the other to answer with links. It’s time to do some research by heading over to answers.yahoo.com, and writing down the URLs of questions you can come back and answer at a later time.

  • Do a quick search
  • Look for common questions
  • Write down URLs
  • Think about how your blogs content will tie in with these questions

Providing a Solution

As mentioned before, when providing answers on Yahoo, you have to stand out so people know you are someone with experience. For example, whenever you read content, you are attracted to click through on a link when they provide value. I’ve read enormous answers on Yahoo and the ones that provide an in-depth solution will normally get “liked” or I’ll visit their personal blog to see what they’re all about. Yahoo Answers will work the same way so when you’re ready to provide your knowledge, take time answering each relevant question. By doing this, you’re doing a few things:

  • Building your credibility
  • Building a following
  • Increasing the chance of visitors clicking links embedded in your content
  • Building your authority

When typing out your answer, it’s a good idea to focus on providing depth and let the visitors know if they’re looking for more information, please visit the link below. Here’s something else that’s worked well…

I do my own research in Google looking for trending topics or common problems. I want to make sure the questions and answers I provide will create an immediate buzz so I look for niche relevant problems my readers are having. According to Compete.com, Yahoo Answers had approximately 40 million visitors and this can generate enormous traffic to your blog if utilized the right way.

Does This Help with Link Building?

You know this strategy will help generate traffic, but how about links from authority blogs? I believe it’s all about getting your content in front of the right people. The goal is to make sure people click through to your personal blog so they can find high value content like tutorials, guides, etc. I answered a question in Yahoo about Guest blogging and linked back to this guide on my blog: Link Building Strategy 101: Ultimate Guest Blogging. Through this strategy, I was able to generate social shares and a few link backs from other relevant blogs. This is why I encourage you to find questions in Yahoo relevant to your niche and create additional content on your blog you can link back to as an additional resource. You’re NOT using Yahoo for building “1” solid link because through this strategy, you can get content in front of hundreds of relevant people, leading to 5-10 high authority backlinks.

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