25 Best Traffic Building Tips – Part #18: #Hashtags


Welcome to part #18 of our 25 Best Traffic Building tips. If you’ve just joined us, I suggest reading all the previous parts before viewing this one. We’ve been covering some awesome ground and the strategies you learned throughout this series will definitely help you grow your blog building momentum. In this series, we’ll be looking at the power of #hashtags and how to use them to build some series traffic momentum. The unfortunate thing about utilizing #hashtags is many people don’t know how to use the tools correctly and lose out on some awesome opportunities. Next,

#hashtags are vital tools in social media networks and without them, it’ll be hard to organize and promote your content. Let’s get started…

Strategy #18 – Utilizing #Hashtags

When utilizing this strategy, it’s important you know how to find the best #hashtags. Your mission should be to locate relevant tags that NOT only converting with high traffic, but are relevant as well. The good news is you have several awesome tools you can leverage. The tool that provides me all the statistics I need is http://hashtagify.me/. Why?

It’s a simple tool to utilize and will provide you with all the data you need to find the best performing tags. For example, when you do a quick #hashtag search, the tool will give you the following…

  • Related tags
  • Weekly performance
  • Trend
  • Popularity
  • Comparison

With this information you know going forward what #hashtags to focus on so you achieve maximum exposure.


Posting Your Content

When posting your content, you have a few tools to automatically “tweet” for you. I’m a big fan of https://bufferapp.com/ because it will allow you to setup “auto-tweets” so you can track statistics. What are you looking for?

First, optimal timing and when your content performs best in your niche. Next, different niches will have #hashtags that perform better than others and to really make use of this traffic method, you should track of what gives you optimal results. For example, if “link building” is bringing 1,000 visitors each week, then, obviously, it’s better than “content marketing” that only brought in 500 for the week. These are things you need to pay close attention to because time=money and investing time on strategies that don’t produce results can be very costly. Here’s what I do…

I’ll set up different content to be tweeted throughout the day. Every day, I’ll switch around the #hashtags and keep tracking for about 2 weeks. This way, I’ll have enough data on the content and tags producing the best results. It’s an awesome strategy and has provided awesome results. However, there something else you need to know about this strategy…

Potential Link Building

Potential #hashtags are universal and many of the top bloggers are using the same ones. The #hashtag “linkbuilding” will apply to me the same way it applies to John Chow when he’s posting content using the same tag. What does this mean? Your content can potentially be in front of some authority blogs, which increases the chances of a “retweets” and even link back to your content. Keep a few things in mind about how traffic and links are built….

First, both are increased by exposure so if you can get your content in front of the right people, you’ll increase the performance potential. Next, there’s even a greater chance of increasing them both if you gain exposure in front of high authority bloggers. That’s why sometimes I’ll focus on #hashtags like #johnchow, #quicksprout, #zacjohnson, etc. Here’s the results for #johnchow…


Not only do you see the results appear, but other popular tags performing well with a direct correlation to #johnchow. Obviously, the goal should be to tweak and keep testing until you find a winning combination. Next, automate the entire process by using https://bufferapp.com/ because once you set it up, you can let it run for about 2 weeks until you have enough statistics.

Remember, it’s all about achieving exposure and when you do, you’ve increased the likelihood of increasing your traffic and link backs from authority blogs. Try this strategy and let me know how things worked out and I’ll even be more than happy to provide feedback on how to optimize your campaign.

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