25 Best Traffic Building Tips – Part #14: Scoop.It Suggestions

Link building is one of the most important factors when boosting your site throughout the SERPs. The other factor is providing your visitors high quality content that answers their questions, increasing engagement. Over the past several weeks, we’ve been going through my list of 25 best link building strategies. In this part, we’ll be looking at how to leverage Scoop.It to find high authority links to point directly to your website. Many people have underestimated the Scoop.It interface but they have added a clever way to get listed on high authority pages with large amounts of user engagement.

Let’s get started…


Strategy #14 – Scoop.It Suggestions

First, Scoop.It is a growing content curation platform and can be utilized to market your content. It’s a great way to gather relevant links and post them under a main target keyword. I’ve used Scoop.It for several years and have found it to be a great way to locate trending content published daily over the web. However, you need to know the interface well to find out how to leverage it to generate traffic and links. Once you get used to the interface and build a solid reputation, then you’ll find it very easy to add content to popular pages.

Here’s a quick breakdown on how you can setup a Scoop.It account and leverage your high quality content.

First, create a new account and make sure to name it after your personal blog. This is optional, but a great way to build brand awareness because once you gain a reputation for curating awesome content, your brand name will gain recognition. Next, once you’ve created an account, you can create a new topic. It’s important to create topics based around the type of content you’ll be submitting. For example, if you’re submitting content on “link building”, then create a topic “link building” under your account.

Before adding any scoops under your account, it’s time to perform some research. You are looking for pages with high engagement and followers. Both these factors can lead to enormous traffic and social engagement. How do you find active pages? Head over to the Scoop.It home page and perform related searches to your keyword. Visit a few pages looking for followers, daily visits, and popularity. I usually go through finding the pages and pasting the URL’s in a Word document so I can use them as reference when I’m adding content. I suggest compiling a list of 7-10 popular pages to get started and then building your way up slowly, depending on the success you’ll have in the next step. Once you’ve gathered your list, it’s time to start adding content under your account.

Optional – It’s always a good idea to follow popular accounts in your niche. It’s a great way to build a relationship with relevant Scoop.It pages.


Adding & Suggesting Content

You have two ways of suggesting content. First, adding it under the topic you created, which I recommend so your page starts building authority on Scoop.It. However, if you just want to get your content on popular pages, then follow this procedure. Browse over to the pages you have on your list, which you gathered during the research process. When you arrive in the page, you find a suggest URL field. Here you can suggest your content to be added to the relevant page.


Copy and paste the URL of the content you want to have added on this page. Here are a few pointers to follow before suggesting content…

  • Make sure it adds value because this increases the likelihood of it being approved.
  • DO NOT spam irrelevant content
  • Send page owner a message about your URL and ask them for their feedback
  • Make sure it’s up to date and trending. Older content won’t add value and will be rejected.

After you’ve added your content, you have the option to select a different page from the drop down menu. However, you’ve already done your research and know this page is popular and relevant. Scoop.It will generate a screen shot, pulling data from the URL you submitted. You can change the image around selecting one that represents your content better. Once you’ve tweaked things, press “Suggest” and the owner of the page will be notified. Once your suggestion has been viewed and if approved, you’ll receive a message. I’ve noticed if you suggest high quality content, you should have a problem being approved.

I suggest going through your list of pages and suggesting your content to all of them. It’s a great way to increase the chances of approval. There is NO limit of suggestions so do this every week and you’ll notice a huge pump in your traffic overtime.

What does this do for you?

First, if it’s a popular page, you’ll get enormous views and click-throughs to your content. Next, you’ve increased the chances of your content getting shared on social platforms, again, leading to traffic, brand awareness, and conversions. If your content provides enormous value, then you might even get links from other blog owners who feel your content will be perfect for their readers as an additional resource.

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