25 Best Traffic Building Tips – Part #20 Delicious Prospecting

Welcome to part 20 of my ultimate traffic and link building series. We’ve covered a lot of ground and the information you’ve learned should provide you with a clear cut plan on how to effectively optimize your website for rankings. I also recommend you visit the previous sections of this series so you can start from 1-19 learning the beginning strategies before getting into the more technical ones. In this part we’ll be visiting the power of Delicious and what you can learn about link prospecting through user accounts. Other than simply organizing the information, Delicious can provide information on people relevant to your niche who you can contact for link building opportunities. You have to remember it’s all about finding the right people with authority blogs perfect for link building opportunities. Next,

Delicious link prospecting will introduce you to people who have posted, shared or linked to similar content within your niche. This means their already interested in your content, but simply need to be introduced to it by you. Let’s get started…

Traffic Tip #20 – Delicious Prospecting

First you need to have an account with Delicious and setting it up is absolutely FREE. There are “3” ways you can setup an account: Email address, connecting Facebook and/or Twitter. Once you’ve signed up, you simply have to confirm your account and your ready to get started. Next, log into your account and you’ll be automatically taken to the backend. Here’s is where you’ll perform magic.

In the search field type in your targeted keyword so if your niche and/or content is based on “SEO” than use that as your target keyword. Depending on your niche you’ll all have different keywords your targeting, but be as specific as possible so your results will be narrowed down. In this example, I’ll be using the keyword “link building”



Look for content with the highest shares and from the example above you can see I have one with 2,681. This content will be perfect and when I click on the number it will show me everyone who shared this piece of content. What information have I gathered through this simple search?

First, content relevant to my niche with enormous shared and relevant people so will be perfect for link prospecting. Next, I’ve found content extremely popular with is great to generate content ideas from and tweak for my audience. Finally, when I visit each of their account I’ll find blog URL and contact email.


It’s important to note that NOT everyone will have a website listed however many of them will. In my case I have 2,681 people who have shared this content so I’m more than likely to find people with contact information. For example, 3/5 people I clicked had a direct link to their website so I was able to click-through and find contact information. This is extremely useful because I can contact them sending a direct link to similar high quality content asking for feedback. Why does this work so well?

For two reasons,

First, I know from my Delicious search they’ve liked similar content so will definitely find mine useful. However, you should take this a step further by visiting the content link on Delicious and creating something better. You can than send these bloggers a message telling them about the content they’ve liked on Delicious and you’ve created something better they might find useful. Next,

This is a great way to build a network of relevant bloggers for your niche. By visiting each of their blog you can see what type of content they write and interests them. If your in the same niche it’s a great way to network and share content going forward. Some of these people have thousands of followers which is great for your content marketing.

Wrapping It Up…

I’ve just shown you a simple way to find people in your niche who’ve shared relevant content so tap into this source. It’s NOT a difficult strategy and only requires some time to go through a few accounts. I recommend doing 1-2 each day however making sure you have relevant content written in your niche before starting. You want to send these prospects something better than they’ve already “liked” because this will increase your chances of gaining a link back to your content.

Please let me know if you have any further questions by leaving a comment in the box below.

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