37 Elements of Effective User Engagement #14 – Keeping Fresh Content

Welcome to Part 14 of my user engagement series and we’ll be looking at the importance of fresh content. You’ll be surprised at how important this is to keep engagement active on your blog. Experienced bloggers know the importance but if you’re just starting out in the industry, then pay close attention to this content. I’ll be outlining why it’s so significant and how you can keep fresh content circulating on your blog. First, I encourage all of you to go back and read parts 1-13 so you get up-to-date on all the other elements building up to this one.

Let’s get started and your feedback is more than welcome.


Google Freshness

I want to start with letting all you know the changes within Google and how fresh content correlates with them. Google awards blogs with continuous fresh content higher rankings within the SERP’s because they increase the user experience. Google has built their reputation on providing up-to-date relevant results and the only way to achieve this is by awarding fresh content by bloggers. Google has stated numerous times that websites or blogs that do the following will be ranked higher within the SERP’s.

  • Add new relevant content to their blog regularly
  • Update older content so it’s up-to-date
  • Add additional content to existing content to make it more in-depth

Because this directly affects the user experience, you now know how it will also score engagement points with your audience.

Fresh Content = Loyalty

First, when you continuously update your blog, your audience continues to get the information that brought them to your blog in the first place. They found your blog full of value and continue to come back for this reason. However, without updating your blog, they’ll be able to find the information they need somewhere else and this will affect overall engagement. To keep your readers loyal, it’s important to provide them niche relevant content that is up-to-date.

Fresh Content = Social Activity

When you’re publishing fresh new content, it’ll increase your overall social activity through increasing your engagement. If your audience is looking for new content and you provide it, you’ll be able to benefit from increased social shares, which will generate traffic, too. Make sure when you implement this strategy that you keep posting frequently with fresh new content in rotation. You also want to ensure you have social share buttons in the right place. From my experience, I’ve seen above and below the content performing the best.

Another cool thing is people who share content will obviously have niche relevant followers and this means when they share, it’ll drive relevant people to your blog.

Fresh Content is Great for Indexing

Did you know when you update your website with fresh content, you get indexed more quickly? I didn’t know this was true until I adopted a solid posting schedule and noticed in GWT, my pages were showing up more quickly. When your website is indexed, you essentially start ranking for more keywords and this will drive a lot of traffic on its own. Organic traffic is the best type of traffic because it’s relevant and FREE while increasing overall engagement. What’s a frequent posting schedule?

I like to post at least once a week and this is NOT difficult at all because this gives me time to spread out my writing. I write about 400-500 words a day and by the end, I have content equaling roughly around 2,500+. Using this strategy, I’m able to NOT tire myself out and produce in-depth content for my readers.

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