4-Point Guide To Increase Online Earnings Gradually

Do you want to make more money online?

Gradually, you can increase your online earnings by taking the right steps.

Internet marketing is not for the get-rich-quick thinkers, it’s for hard working fellows who have made up their minds to change the status quo. Are you one of such persons?

If you’ve difficult times online making extra money and turning a profitable business, here is my 4-point guide to help you trounce the hurdle and begin to make money online.

Note: No matter the business model you’ve chosen, turning a profit in your online business is a “GRADUAL” process – patience is the key. Let’s dive in.

1.    Make a Decision Today

Oftentimes, those who fail to make money online have problems with making decisions and stepping out. If you can decide today to change your life no matter how much effort it takes, success is sure.

Let’s consider affiliate marketing – the easiest way to get started online in your business. Affiliate marketing might be simple, but you need to work hard at generating enough targeted traffic and turning them into subscribers. It takes decision to write 10 articles on a daily or weekly basis.

It takes decision to step out and network with intelligent entrepreneurs in your niche. Have you DECIDED today to change the story of your online business? If yes, see next line.

2.    Start a Consulting Business

Are you a consultant?

Absolutely, you’re. It doesn’t take much to become one – if you know how to do a particular task well, you could turn it into a profitable consulting business.

Once you decide to take the Bull by the Horn, you should start consulting for businesses and entrepreneurs to get your feet wet and ready to HIT the jackpot.

While you wait for affiliate sales to roll in, or for clients to hire you, consulting is the next route to take and it’s a lucrative venture when properly harnessed

For instance, you don’t have to be skilled at website design to consult – but you must know a good web designer to succeed. It takes networking to know professionals. Are you networking enough? As a consultant, your role is to link-up the service provider with the client – you’re the middleman.

It takes decision to set up your consulting business. It takes decision to market your services professionally. You could land a long-term consulting project that can pay handsomely.

Consulting as a business model is still viable, and the competition is fair enough to trounce. So get started and if you’ve anything standing in your path to success, share with me by leaving a comment.

3.    Don’t Sell To Strangers

The worst mistake I made when I came online and started promoting affiliate offers was selling to strangers. The strangers might be your target audience, but if you don’t know them by their names, and maybe their demographic and geographic features, they’re still strangers. Take it or leave it!

So, how do you get started converting targeted strangers (buyers) into long term customers? You should know by now – collect their email addresses and start building relationships. Ideally, you should collect strangers’ names and email addresses so you can address them by name via follow-up emails and newsletters.

If you must make money from your email subscribers, you’ve to follow the 7-rule concept which states that it takes 7 exceptional emails to convince strangers that you’re not one of those scammers. You truly have quality and valuable information to share with them.

If you’ve ever tried selling to first time visitors at your blog or website, you know how difficult it can be. The reason why a lot of people don’t make money online is because they don’t ‘know’ their buyers and vice versa.

“The money is not in the list” – “the money is in the relationship you’ve with the list.” So, do you’ve an email list yet?

4.   Do What Experts Do

The last piece of puzzle to start making money online is to listen to experts and do what they do. If someone you respect is succeeding at the same business model, what is wrong with your approach?

I realized that listening to what expert say is good, but you may not get results. The profit lies in doing what they do. How can you actualize this?

You could visit your mentor’s website or blog to see how they write headlines and call-to-action. Once you’re armed with this, don’t try to reinvent the wheel – simply replicate the style, but don’t outright copy.

I’ve had a couple of mentors and I still trust their opinions and buy affiliate programs through their hoplinks. John Chow is one of such people I respect so much and guess what? I implement what I see him do and the results have been fabulous.

Having a mentor is the best thing that can happen to you as a blogger, an affiliate marketer, a coach or a service provider.

Rather than making all the mistakes before you attain success online, simply stand on your mentor’s shoulder and make extra money.

Make Money Hack

There is no magic bullet to earning a living online. You’ve to work hard to see real results. The secret spice to increasing your online earning is to focus on a given business model and become an expert/master at it.

Of course, you can diversify afterwards, but focus is the ‘underground’ secret for making real money online.

Now, take action on these tips and meet me ahead. You’re a bundle of solution to your world. Discover your passion, stick to it and profit. See you at the top!

Michael Chibuzor is a freelance writer and founder of content marketing blog. You should hire him to write quality content that can drive organic traffic and increase sales. Get in touch with Michael today.

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