5 Reasons Why You Aren’t Successful At Blogging Yet

Blogging is a hobby for many people but it’s also a source of income for a lot of us. In fact, blogging is definitely one of the ways to make money online. Making money blogging isn’t as easy as you think because you have to do things right. Some bloggers are trying to blog just for money and this can be a huge mistake. You do not need to be a writing expert to become a successful blogger but you need to have a certain amount of skills. As I have mentioned, you need to do certain things right to become a successful blogger.

1 – You are mainly blogging for money

This is a huge mistake. Any top bloggers in the blogosphere will tell you that. Some of them tried to only blog for money but they failed. They decided to stop and they started writing good content and they noticed that their RSS subscribers started growing at an impressive rate! Even better, they started making money! It’s simple, your visitors or readers will be wanting to learn from you because they consistently need tips and if you write good content, they will keep coming back over and over!

2. You aren’t choosing the right topics

You have to make sure that your content is matching with your blog’s topic. If you are blogging about ‘ How To Reduce Stress ‘ and you have a ‘ make money online blog ‘, you won’t get any interest. However, if you choose to write an off topic post to give your readers an original read, then it’s perfectly fine. However, make sure you are giving original and valuable tips to your readers and not repeating what everyone else says. The secret is to always give your personal touch and you will be in the ballgame!

3- You aren’t encouraging feedback or engaging yourself

You can write the best content in the World but if you don’t get feedbacks from your readers, you will be talking to yourself. When you write content, you are trying to pass a message to your audience. As an owner, you are the king of the Empire and you need to have a good control on your blog. And also, make sure to not write your content just for the search engines, write posts for humans. Make sure to approve comments and interact with them and this is gonna make you a better blogger.

4- You don’t write often

Not posting often is a big mistake because if you don’t update your blog often, people will think it’s dead. You have to know that the people that subscribes to your RSS feeds wants to be updated often. Think about it, if someone subscribes to a certain newspaper, it’s because he wants to freshly updated news on daily basis. Guest posts won’t always do the job because most of the time, a blogger will accept guest posts when he is in lack of time or when he has to deal with an unexpected event.

5- Not Getting In Touch With Other Bloggers

I have learned this the hard way. I started my blog a year ago and I haven’t got some reputation until just recently because I decided to get in touch with some bloggers in my niche. I offer them to get interviewed by me or I try to guest post on their blogs. I haven’t guest posted much on other blogs yet and this is why I am not successful yet. What are you waiting for? Get recognized and build you a reputation as a blogger!

This article has been contributed by Fazal Mayar, who’s been blogging for about over a year now. He has discovered that blogging is his passion and will be for the rest of his life. He will always work hard to make money online. Apart from blogging, he also loves affiliate marketing, pc games and hockey!