5 Things To Watch Out For When Buying a Site On Flippa

There are many marketplaces to purchase new and existing websites to add to your portfolio, and no marketplace is quite as popular as Flippa.com. Its a great place to search for valuable websites that you can add to your Adsense or affiliate marketing portfolio. However, there are a few things you need to watch out for, and without further ado, here they are.

Will You Actually Make What They Say?

Don’t be a newbie and get all dreamy about sites that make a good amount of monthly income. They might have the stats to backup PAST earnings, but how sure can you be that you will make that much? Be sure to read where the past traffic was coming from. If it came from private email newsletter blasts, you of course won’t have access to that. So my tip is to make sure that the majority of the traffic is coming from the results of SEO optimization and backlinks.

Duplicate Sites

Be on the lookout for duplicate sites by using tools like copyscape.com to check for duplicate content. Sometimes sellers can argue that the website is part of a PLR resale, and while that’s perfectly legal, I prefer not to buy those types of sites. I go for sites made by individuals who want to sell with the intentions of trying to flip it for the full value of the original site, or just letting the website go and they rather see it in better hands.

Know How The Site Will Be Transferred To You

Most likely, the website you are trying to purchase will be eventually transferred to your own hosting account, and that’s fine. But from my own past experience with Flippa, be sure that you will receive 100% of the content. There are two scenarios that I want to mention. The first is simply getting all the actual website content that you purchased. Sometimes by mistake, they might not include all the files, especially if it’s a big site your buying, and you might not even realize that those few pages were missing. The other scenario really bugged me. This was when I bought a WordPress site that had all these fancy automated Plugins that required all these customized SQL databases and whatnot. The website that I bought was supposed to bring in fresh new content to my website every week, but never really worked. When I tried to get the seller to help me out, he never replied.

Additional Fees

More important than anything else I’ve mention (and should be the #1 thing to analyze when you find a seller) is to note the additional fees that you might incur if you buy a site. Each sale is unique because of the price, the different methods of payment, transferring fees by the seller (if you don’t know how to transfer it yourself), and so on.

Why Are They Selling It?

Before you do all your who what where when, you need to understand the why. Why is this seller willing to let go of their website? If it’s a completely new website that you’re buying for cheap, then it’s probably because you’re buying a jump start site that’s already made but now it’s your job to build traffic and maintain it. When it comes to the sites that are already making money, this question really comes into play. Why would someone be willing to let go of a comfortable and passive profit stream?

These five tips were meant to keep you alert of some things to look out for, not to push you away from buying these websites. Some websites on Flippa.com can be extremely valuable, so don’t get discouraged, and make sure to take note of these five tips before you get ready to buy.

This post guest blogged by Hemal Patel.