5 Working Methods to Drastically Scale and Automate Your Business

When you think of John Chow, you might think of many different things. A “millionaire blogger” is probably the most common one — however, anyone can become rich and anyone can be a blogger. What makes John different from other bloggers and content creators in the world today, is that he has become a king of automation!

In short… John doesn’t want to work harder than he has to. Just like everyone else, John wants to make as much money as possible, in the smallest amount of time and work possible.

On the flip side, the good news is that automation and making money while you sleep is now more possible than ever before!

To help with this process, I’ve laid out five different methods to help every content creator, blogger, affiliate marketer and brand start making more money while also limiting their workload and expense of time.

Marketing Automation as a Solution

With more businesses and brand focusing their efforts on getting ahead of the competition, they are all quickly realizing the only way this is possible, is through the use of automation. This is even more true for bloggers, businesses, and brands that don’t have a team built around them or the necessary funds to compete against multi-million dollar companies.

This is something GetResponse has quickly discovered, as they’ve completely shifted their business model from just focusing on email marketing, to now being an all-in-one solution to help automate your marketing. Now the focus is on complete set up and automation… giving the end user the ability to collect an email address or track a website visitor, while also pushing them through different landing pages, funnels and pathways depending on their interests and actions.


In short, this means marketing methods and services like landing pages, email, webinars and everything in between are now available in one affordable platform versus what most site owners and bloggers are currently doing — which is having a different provider for each mentioned service.

In this case, it’s not just about having the right tools to market and manage your audience… you also need a way to connect them all together and track performance in the process.

Create an Online Video Course

Something bloggers and content creators know all too well, is that online content is one of the most effective ways to put something out there and benefit from it for several months or even years to come. Even if you follow the best content creation tips out there, you are still left with just content.

A perfect example of this would be if you were to write an in-depth user guide, send some backlinks to it and eventually get it to rank at the top of Google for targeted keywords. This is the correct way to focus on content creation, then effectively promoting it and getting it to rank. Creating content in itself is no longer a working method.

With this same concept in mind, one way to make your content work even better for you is to offer an online video course or something that you can up-sell to your audience after they’ve visited your site. Basically something of more value than the text content you are currently offering.

A great example of this can be seen through my online blogging course on Udemy. At the time of creation, it took several days to produce the high-quality video course and there was no upfront investment to know the product would sell. However, I know my audience and that the demand for such a product is there. Now sales and marketing of the product are now on auto-pilot for the most part.


To implement something like this into your own blog, take a look at your best content and see how you could make it even better with a short online video course. Something quick and simple (but still of great value) could result in a few hundred dollars (or even thousands) per month after you put in the work to create it!

No matter what direction you take, think about how you can create something one time and then keep earning from it time and time again.

Use Facebook Groups to Build a Community

Several years ago I realized the true potential of social networks and massive audiences on individual platforms when I created a social resource site that went on to generate over a million dollars in less than a year. Again, with most of the methods in this guide, it was all about finding an audience and targeting to their needs.

Since then, social media has just exploded and the opportunities within it are just amazing. One such opportunity is through Facebook Groups, which makes it extremely easy to create open or private groups for anything you can possibly think of. Best of all, Facebook is basically providing the audience for you.


With over a billion active users on Facebook, it shouldn’t be hard for anyone to create an open or private group on Facebook focused on content from their site or something they are interested in. The goal here is to create a loyal community that could eventually run itself (though members updating it with new content) and maybe even make you some money in the process.

Then, to take this one step further, bring a massive monetization cycle to the group by offering private consulting and coaching through a Private Group on Facebook. With a solid foundation and loyal following in place, it’s quite possible to convert a decent amount of these “free” members into “paid” customers — even if it’s as simple as starting a new private group and doing a once-a-week mastermind call for everyone in the group.

While this isn’t 100% automated, it can definitely scale your earnings to that next level with upper-level Private Mastermind Groups.

Start a Powerful AutoResponder Series

Of all the massive driving forces behind the all powerful John Chow, his autoresponder and mailing list is what keeps everything going at full speed.

Here’s a quick example of how powerful and lucrative a mailing list and autoresponder can really be — while also being completely on auto-pilot at the same time. You’ve likely seen the pop-up window below several times when you visit this site. Now let’s crunch some numbers and see how effective it can really be.


Let’s say John has 50 weekly emails stored within his autoresponder series (one mailing per week). Then he has just 100 new subscribers joining his list daily.

That comes out to 36,500 new subscribers per year… collectively receiving nearly 1.9 million emails per year — all on auto-pilot!

Hypothetically, with a low target of just .10 in earnings per email sent out on average (which is possible)… John could be earning over $200,000 per year just from his autoresponder and mailing list — all generated for free and on auto-pilot simply because of the content he has created over the years!

If you still aren’t convinced with the power and efficiency of an autoresponder and mailing list, check out these 37 email marketing stats to convince you otherwise! Start a mailing list and autoresponder today!

Invest in Original Shareable Content

The fifth method for improving traffic and revenue across your online business is to invest in quality content that will keep working for you for the next several months to come — specifically shareable content. Text content is great… but there is an overwhelming supply of it, and most people won’t even read through most of it.

Shareable content comes in many shapes and forms, but infographics are a cost effective solution that works extremely well. At the same time, infographics are perfect for outreach, social sharing and increasing backlinks to your site. You can see a recent infographic I created for my site, in this social media sizes post — while viewing it, think about how boring it would have been to analyze and read through if it was just straight text!

Big name sites like Huffington Post not only love to feature such content on their sites, they even have a whole infographic section just for them. Imagine the value in getting that type of content placed on their site, and how it can keep delivering new traffic to your site for weeks and months to come.


To keep your marketing juices flowing, be sure to check out this expert round up where 21 branding experts share their best infographic marketing tips.

However, the process of effectively using infographics isn’t simply a ‘set it and forget it’ method. There is some initial work that is required in the beginning, which includes creation of the infographic, adding it to your site (along with an article and embed code), reaching out to sites within your industry and also sharing it on social media.

Once all of this has taken place, the infographic will then likely continue to be shared across social media and get picked up by various sites — as long as it’s of the superior value and quality. Don’t forget to keep sharing infographics through your own social media outlets as well, while also using hashtags to reach new audiences.

Automate Your Online Business by Implementing these Methods Today

To summarize everything mentioned here… there is one last thing that makes John stand out from the other 7 billion people in the world that aren’t making millions of dollars per year — he took action!

I know many of you are going to end up reading this article and think it’s great and that these methods could really impact your blog, brand or business for the better… but I’m sure 99% of you will never take action. Unfortunately, that’s just how it works.

So my last call to action towards you is to be that 1% that actually takes action!

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