7 Costly Email Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The money is in the list, not the Twitter followers. While social media marketing maybe the current craze, email is still the Internet marketing industry’s bread and butter.

Most new marketers think all they have to do is build an email list, and the money will follow. In real life, it’s bit more complex than that. Building the list is one thing. Engaging the list is another. Creating engaging emails is what will sell you and your products. If your emails are lifeless, then you shouldn’t expect munch in the way of conversion.

Insider Secrets for Engaging Emails


Insider Secrets for Engaging Emails is a new eBook by Jenny Tower of No More Tears Marketing. The book will show you the seven common costly mistakes of email marketing, and how to avoid them. You’ll find out the secrets on how to create emails that engages your readers and compel them to take action.

For a limited time, Jenny is making Insider Secrets for Engaging Emails available as a free download. If you’re not getting the kind of conversions you want from your emails, then odds are, you’re making one or more of the seven mistakes that Jenny talks about. The eBook is free right now, so go ahead and get your free copy.

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