7 Surefire Ways to Make Money from Your Email List

How many times have you heard that “the money is in the list?”

For me, I’ve used it over a gazillion times in my content but slightly paraphrased.

For instance, I don’t think you can make money by collecting any kind of leads.

And even if you capture the right emails, it’s no guarantee that you’d make money from such a list.

I don’t know where I first read this line, but I agree with it 100%.

The money is in the list

It says, “The money is not in the list, but in the relationship you build with the list.”

In other words, you’ve to be actively involved in turning cold leads into customers. I’ve seen bloggers who had over 10k email subscribers, but they’re still broke – whereas, a new blogger with less than 1000 responsive subscribers makes a lot of money from that tiny list.

But this post isn’t about building relationships with your list subscribers. I’d talk about that aspect next time.

For now, here are 7 surefire ways to make money from your list members. Directly or indirectly, you should benefit from your email list – let me show you how…

1.      Membership site access

The first legit way to profit from your list is membership site. Who doesn’t want a recurring income?

The only way you can eliminate the struggles for more money online is to channel your efforts on passive income. Membership sites usually bill customers monthly.

The initial hard work you put into this model can generate $1k – $20k from your email list alone, depending on how responsive your list members are.

Make sure that the membership site offers great value, which can’t be accessed for free elsewhere.

It’s true that nothing is new on the internet including the information on a membership site – but if someone must invest into your program every single month, there must be a strong reason – “what’s in it for them?”

2.      Recommend products you’re using

If you’re a wordpress blogger, then there are products & services you have been using that work. Such as web hosting, autoresponder, social media tools and the likes. Now that you’ve an email list, you can make money by recommending such offers.

It’s simple actually – so don’t complicate it. You’d make a lot of money if you create a short video that lays out the step by step process of using a particular product.

Please don’t recommend programs that didn’t work for you. Your list members already have a level of trust for you – don’t adulterate your brand image for a few bucks.

3.      Cost per action offers

If you build a free email list, it can be difficult when you try to sell them a product. But all hope isn’t lost.

You can promote cost per action offers and earn a commission from your referrals. For instance, auto insurance companies are looking for leads, not initial sales.

They can pay you $2 – $20 to refer your subscribers to their services. To get paid, the person you referred to their site must sign up, click on the confirmation link the CPA Company sent her and that’s all.

These days, a simple survey, tweet or Facebook like from those you referred can generate commissions for you. To me, this is better than AdSense or pay per click offers. Do you agree with me?

4.      One time offers

When I first started affiliate marketing, one time offers (OTO) generated a lot of sales for me. I could recall the day I earned $294.93 from clickbank, just because my OTO salespage was catchy and valuable.

And you can activate OTO offers into your landing page easily. Rather than redirecting subscribers to a thank you page automatically, send them to a page where you’ve a PLR (private label right) products.

Yes, OTO works perfectly when you use PLR products that are hot, with beautiful e-covers and well-written copy. You can send the OTO page to your email list and hopefully, you’d make extra income easily.

5.      Sell your own product

As I write this, I’m working on my own product. It’s going to be an e-book and I plan to launch it in the first quarter of 2013.

Of course, my subscribers would be the first to grab the “early birds offer” at a reduced cost. You should consider selling your own product for more passive income.

If you’ve been a blogger for 3 months, I see no reason why writing and selling a short valuable report or e-book is hectic.

Your blog posts can be compiled, organized, edited and spiced up. It takes creativity to become a product owner – not years of hard work.

BTW: you don’t have to write your e-book yourself, you could hire a professional ghost writer to help you.

Maybe you’ve written more than 50 blog posts already, which sits dormant in your archive. The truth is, you’re wasting the content, instead of turning it into money balls.

Besides, having your own product gives you an edge – builds your credibility as a true expert and could help you get speaking engagements.

6.      Become a freelancer

Internet marketing is changing so rapidly. Few months ago, one of my email subscribers contacted me to write for him. That was it, I’m still with this client and he still receives my newsletter.

When you send a product to your list, below your signature, add a P.S. A post script is vital because it can help you summarize what you do.

If you’re a freelance web developer, writer, virtual assistant and so forth, inform your subscribers about it.

Your list members are humans – they’re not pieces of scripts. For this very reason, they can hire your professional services.

You need to understand that being a freelancer wouldn’t bring passive income at the surface – it takes hard work to make a living freelancing. But if you work hard like me, you can make $3k – $10k monthly.

7.      Premium e-course

Can you offer a premium email course? I know that you’re a rare gem waiting for an opportunity to transform lives around the world.

The truth is, thousands of people on your list are waiting to give you their money, only if you can proof your worth.

A premium email course can be on any topic. For instance, if your list members are mostly beginners to affiliate marketing, you could charge $12 – $99 or more to teach the basics of making money from clickbank.

You must be good at what you do. Sharing the best content via videos, podcasts, articles, blog posts and slides can bring more money to you.

Say something or…

There you’ve it, the seven surefire ways to make money from your list.

The bottom line is to build a strong relationship with your list members. Once they know you and what you’re capable of doing, you’d make more money online marketing to them. To reach your target audience easily, and make more money, use my guest posting service.

What do you say? Have you started building your email list yet? If not, what’s stopping you? Share your view in the comment below…

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