A Look At The Reverse Funnel System

You’ve no doubt seen ads for The Reverse Funnel System on this blog and countless other blogs. Reverse Funnel advertisers have been one of this blog’s most consistence advertisers, renewing their ads month after month. But what is The Reverse Funnel System and how does it work? With this review, I hope to shed some light on that question.

Systems Work, People Fail

The Reverse Funnel System was invented by Ty Coughlin, an ex-construction laborer who was drowning in the work-a-day life. We all know that story, right? However, thanks to The Reverse Funnel System, Ty no longer works. These days, he just sit around his house while looking at the money roll in from his Macbook Pro.

The Reverse Funnel System is a system to automate the money making process. It’s set up to guide a prospect through a “funnel” and come out the other side with a complete understand on how the system works. Basically, the system does the work so you don’t have to.

$50 Application Fee

To separate the tire kickers from the serious entrepreneurs, the system requires interested prospects to enter and confirm their email address. Then it sends them an email with a link to a page that ask them pay $50 to find out what the system is all about. Many people will be put off by this requirement right away and that’s the whole idea. By charging the $50 fee, the system ensure that only truly interested prospects see it.

If you decide The Reverse Funnel System isn’t for you after paying the $50 and looking over the materials, you can request a refund and go about your merry way. If you decide to join the system, then be prepare to spend some money advertising on various make money online blogs because that’s how the system works. You buy ads to generate traffic and that traffic makes you money. The more ads you buy, the more traffic you generate and the more money you make. That’s how it should work anyway.

What Am I Selling?

At this point, you’re all wondering what you’ll be selling. Unfortunately, the conditions of this review prevents me from stating what the product is. It’s going to cost you $50 to find out. I can tell you The Reverse Funnel System promote several products but they start you off with a very high end $3,000 offering that pays you $1,000 commission on a sale. The affiliate program is multi-tiered. If you refer someone to The Reverse Funnel System and they make a sale, you get $1,000 commission from that as well. Build a big enough network and you might be able join Ty on the beach with your own Macbook Pro.

This high commission rate helps to explain why I get so many Reverse Funnel System advertisers. All they have to do is make one sale and not only will that pay the full cost of a $500 ad, they’ll net $500 as well. A lot of people will write off The Reverse Funnel System as some kind of scam. However, it’s clearly making money for these advertisers. Otherwise, why would they continue to pay $500 every month to maintain their banner ads on this blog?

The one big downside I see with The Reverse Funnel System is you need to buy the $3,000 product yourself before you can participate in the system and refer other affiliates. While the product is a real product that’s been around for 20 years, there will be some people who won’t have a use for it.

If you decide to get involve with The Reverse Funnel System, then I recommend you have some cash available. You’ll need $50 for the application fee, $3,000 for the product and more money to buy advertising. The system generates its leads and income by having affiliates buy advertising on 1000’s of blogs. If you don’t have any money left after buying the product and paying the application fee, then making money from the system is going to be really hard. At least you can still enjoy the $3,000 product. 😈