A New Day – The Launch Of Windows Vista

Today I am going to the downtown Paramount Vancouver for the launch of Windows Vista, the 2007 Microsoft Office system and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. This all day event runs from 9AM to 5PM and features keynote addresses, architect sessions and IT professional track sessions.

I am not sure if I will stay the entire day because there is only so much MS brainwashing one can handle before you start yelling, “Death to Linux!” Hopefully, I’ll be able to score a free copy of Windows Vista and Office 2007. The Exchange server I don’t need but I’ll take it if they give it to me.

Like other all day Microsoft events, breakfast and lunch is provided. Unfortunately, MS won’t pay for parking, which is $15 for the day. I guess that’s not really too bad. When I was in San Francisco, downtown parking cost $30 a day.

If there is internet access at the event, I’ll log in and say post an update.