A New Kind of Advertising with Adnimation

The Internet, as a mainstream venue for gathering and sharing information, has been around for quite some time now and we’ve seen quite the variety of advertisements on all the different websites that we visit each day. The problem with this, from the perspective of the advertiser, is that more and more visitors are becoming “ad blind,” automatically ignoring some of those placements.

Sure, you can try to get more creative with the design of your banner ads or you might partake in what are known as rich media ads, but you might still be faced with limited success. This isn’t great for the publisher or site owner either, as the ads on the site is how they make money… and if the advertisers aren’t being successful, the publisher isn’t being successful either. That’s why you need to do something different to grab the attention of a website visitor.

It is following this line of thought that Adnimation was created. It’s a different kind of ad network that aims to benefit not only the advertiser, but also the publisher and the website visitor alike. Let’s get started with today’s review and see what Adnimation is all about.

The Animated Advertisement

As you may have been able to figure out from their name, the core concept behind Adnimation is to combine advertising with animations. We’ve seen lots of animated ads in the past; you might know these as rich media ads. Rather than being static, these are ads that essentially play a short video. Maybe you’ve seen the one where you click on a target to win an iPod or something. Adnimation is not like that at all.


Instead, advertisers can continue to create their standard banners as they always have. The key difference is that they can now select from a growing library of generic animations from Adnimation that are designed to guide the attention of the website visitor toward the banner, encouraging them to click and inquire further.


The publisher is paid on a per-click basis. If these fun animations do indeed increase the click-thru rate, it means that the site owner is able to earn additional revenue that may have otherwise been lost. In a sense, you something similar to a pop-over, except it is animated and doesn’t completely obscure the content.

How Does It Work?

The best way to see how Adnimation works is to simply see the ads in the action. Embedded below, you’ll find a video of one of the demo ads on a computer and technology site.

Here are several more examples of the animated ads if you want to have a look. They all effectively work in fundamentally the same way, animating toward the lower third or half of the screen, drawing your attention toward the banner at the bottom. They’re mostly fun and cartoony in style.

Adnimation calls these “premium rich media ads.” One of the biggest keys here is, as an advertiser, you don’t have to pay someone to create a custom rich media advertisement for you, because Adnimation still allows you to use your standard text links and banners. You just pick from their animation library and tap into their growing list of website publishers.

The Next Generation of Online Ads


One way to think about all of this is the animation effectively serves as a pre-roll for the standard banners. Advertisers benefit from the added attention their standard text and banner ads receive, publishers benefit from the improved click-thru rate and revenue, and users get to view a website with ads that are a little more fun. Some may argue that the animations are a little intrusive, and there may be some truth in that, but it’s a great way to address ad blindness.

Signing up with Adnimation only takes a couple moments, either as an advertiser or a publisher, so check it out for yourself. There are no requirements for publishers, aside from being in English and non-adult, so you don’t need to be a big site to try them out. In fact, ad implementation is made even easier with the WordPress plugin. Moving forward, Adnimation hopes to team up with other ad networks to integrate this animation technology in their ads too.