A Tale of Two Affiliate Business Models

There are many business models one can choose to do affiliate marketing. On Monday, October 3, I’ll be comparing two different affiliate business models.

The first affiliate business model is the one most people will be familiar with. I call it Hit and Run affiliate marketing. It’s promoted by all the get rich quick gurus because it sounds so simple and easy to do:

  • Find an affiliate offer to promote
  • Send traffic to the offer using PPC/PPV/other paid traffic

The web is full of stories of “super affiliates” making $10K or more per day by doing the above. What they don’t tell you is that many are spending more than $10K a day buying traffic and very few get over to the black side, where they are making more than they spend.

There are many other things wrong with the above business model, yet this is the model that is promoted the most. During my Oct. 3 presentation, I’ll be showing a much better affiliate business model. It’ll be a business model that is far more profitable than the Hit and Run model. The meetup is limited to 70 people, and the cost is only $5. At the time of this post, there were only 15 seats left. Go reserve your seat now.

A Tale of Two Affiliate Business Models, with John Chow