A Visit To The Shoeplex

During my last day at the Top Affiliate Challenge, I had a chance to take a ride in Shoemoney’s Hummer and visit his new office. A lot readers on Shoe’s blog has been asking for photos or videos of the new Shoeplex and I’m happy to say I am the first to get it.

The Shoemoney office reminded me a lot of my old office. I used to operated out of a commercial space. However, after my landlord kicked me out because he thought I was a drug dealer, I decided to set my new office back home and has never looked back. Shoe on the other hand, is trying his luck at looking like a “normal” business by moving to a commercial location.

Since the office is only a few blocks from Shoe’s house, we also stop by the Shoemoney home to check out the famous Shoemoney pool. Enjoy!