About To Find Out What a Sardin Feels Like

In a few hours I will be heading to downtown Vancouver to attend the Facebook Developer Garage. The organizers of this event completely underestimated the number of people attending. They’ve booked theatre 1 of the Vancouver Film School at 420 Homer Street.

The venue seats 100. However, they have 186 confirmed guests and 55 maybes. They tried to get the nearby 200 seat theatre/lecture hall at the SFU Harbour Centre but it was already booked. Seating will now be done on a first come first serve basis. This is going to be an interesting experience. I assume they won’t let anyone else in after the 100 seats are filled. I wonder if seats can be saved? Either way, we’re leaving for the event a bit earlier than planned to try and get a seat.

If I was running this event and had an overflow situation, I would fix it by charging admission. The overflow will disappear instantly and I’ll make money on the deal as well. 😈