AdVolcano Review

Cost Per Term Advertising

AdVolcano is a new ad network offering Cost Per Term (CPT) advertising. What is CPT and how does it differ from CPM and CPC advertising? The easiest explanation of cost per term are those Text Link Ads (aff) links listed under the Featured Sites section on the right sidebar. Advertisers pay a flat monthly fee to have those links listed there. It doesn’t matter what the blog traffic level is during the month or how many clicks the links received, the advertiser pays one price.

Many direct advertisers prefer this types of media buys because it helps to control costs. Unlike CPM advertising, you do not have to worry about your budget being blown out of the water because a site got Slashdotted or Dugg. Unlike CPC advertising, you do not have to worry about click fraud. It doesn’t matter how times readers clicks those TLA links, the advertiser pays one fixed price regardless of clicks or impressions.

From a startup standpoint, a CPT network like AdVolcano is the easiest to start because you don’t need a huge technology infrastructure – only God and Google knows how much was spent on their fraud detection software. The main costs to a new CPT ad network is getting buzz for it. And what better way to get buzz than to buy a ReviewMe review from John Chow dot Com? It worked for Text Link Ads, so why not for AdVolcano?

AdVolcano For Publishers

Publishers of AdVolcano enjoy many benefits, including the ability to set your own price and ad duration. After all, it is your website, therefore you should be in control of how much you get for it. You can also offer custom ad sizes and reject or accept any advertising offers.

Payout is also very high. AdVolcano takes just 25% as their share. The remaining 75% of the ad revenue goes to the publisher. Incomes earned are paid on a net 15 basis, which is much sooner than other ad networks.

Being a new ad network, AdVolcano doesn’t have any minimum requirements for joining. As long as your site is legal, you’re welcome to apply. A nice feature I see is every publishers gets their own sales page (this is mine) with a link back to their site. This is a pretty easy way to get an extra backlink if nothing else.

AdVolcano For Advertisers

AdVolcano allows advertisers to target their ads on a site-by-site basis and not worry about click fraud or blowing their budget since they will always know how much each site is costing them. Many direct advertisers prefer buying ads this way to the traditional CPM and CPC method. All my direct ads are sold this way. It makes it easier for me to serve the ad because I don’t have to track impressions or clicks and it makes it easier for the advertiser because they don’t have to worry about it either.

Because publishers set their own pricing, there are many bargains to be had for advertisers. Many publishers have no idea how much their site is worth and as a results undercharge by way too much. I plan to make a few ad buys on some of the bargains on the publishers list.

The main disadvantage for AdVolcano is they don’t have many publishers right now. Hopefully, that will increase as the network grows and generates more buzz.

Experience So Far

I’ve been an AdVolcano publisher for four days and so far have not received a single ad buy. Then again, even if I get a buy I couldn’t do it anyway since that ad spot is sold. If I recall, it took over a month before Text Link Ads got me a sale so this review will have to be updated at a future date.

In the meantime, I don’t see a problem with publishers (especially small ones) signing up for AdVolcano. It won’t cost you anything and you’ll get a sales page with a link back to your site/blog.

Once I get a sale, I’ll update this review with the payment experience.