AdCombo Offers a Fresh Take on CPA Marketing

Affiliate marketing continues to be one of the most accessible and the most lucrative ways to make money on the Internet. You don’t need to maintain your own inventory and you can leverage a global audience no matter where you are in the world.

But not all affiliate networks are made alike. Some don’t offer the support you need. Others can be really slow with payment, putting a huge obstacle in your cash flow. AdCombo aims to overcome many of those challenges so you can all profit together. Let’s review what you can expect from this network and how it differentiates itself from the rest of the industry.

The Ultimate Affiliate Combo

Even though AdCombo claims right on its homepage that it has “changed CPA marketing forever,” that’s not entirely true. The same basic formula still applies — deliver leads that convert so you get paid — but they want to do it better, both for publishers and advertisers.


From the perspective of the publisher or the affiliate, one of the biggest advantages being promoted by AdCombo is that of efficiency. You’ll find that some other networks can put you through quite an extensive process before you actually have cash in hand. AdCombo speeds up this process for maximum benefit and profit all around.

For example, a traditional affiliate network might require you to gain approval for each offer individually. After that, you might need to request access to different assets, creatives and landing pages before you can start sending qualified traffic. And then, even after you make those landing pages, you need to test them. Then, there could be a significant holding period on those commissions. AdCombo isn’t about that.


The flow charts shown above clearly illustrate the difference between the slow tortoise-like pace you may have endured before and the rocket-fast approach that you’ll enjoy with AdCombo. End to end, they say it takes “24 hours for everything.” This significantly improves your cash flow, making it far easier for you to make more money more quickly.

AdCombo has already created and tested the landing pages and pre-landing pages, giving you a head start on monetizing the traffic you can deliver. It’s the fast track to more cash, especially since these assets have already been localized for maximum optimization. And you see the leads right away in your stat reports.

Dashboard User Interface

The core dashboard for affiliates is easy enough to understand with the main navigation located along the left column. You can click on the three vertical lines to collapse that menu if you want more screen real estate too.


All of the main stats and reports are at your fingertips here. As mentioned, the data doesn’t come in on a day’s delay like how you might find with other networks. It’s all in real-time, empowering your ability to analyze your campaigns for optimal performance.

You can see your clicks, conversions, revenue and projected revenue, as well as your holds and rejections. Digging deeper into the statistics reports, you can filter the data based on total or unique clicks, types of conversions, and more, as well as organize based on date, offers, time, country, browser and so on. The stats can even be displayed in an hourly context.

What Offers Can I Expect?

When you look into the offers section on AdCombo, you are given the ability to search, filter and organize based on name, traffic source, country, conversion type, category, and ID. You can also save your favorites for quick reference.


AdCombo is very much a global affiliate network with a worldwide reach, so you’ll find offers geotargeted to a broad range of countries around the world, including Vietnam, Romania, and Spain.

Quickly looking through the list of nearly 1,000 offers, I found a great number are either adult-oriented or related to health and wellness in some way. Some other offer categories include gaming, casino, dating, e-commerce, and home improvement. Payouts and EPCs range considerably, of course, so you’ll need to narrow it down based on your niche and target audience.


Clicking on any given offer reveals the tracking URL and iframe form, as well as the option to utilize multiple subaccounts. It is also here that you can preview and select the landings and prelandings that you would like to utilize for the offer promotion.

From what I can gather, the overwhelming majority (if not all) of the offers are specifically geotargeted to only one country, so you will need to utilize your own technology to target the prospective lead accordingly.

Additional Tools and Features

A major area where AdCombo is able to provide tremendous value to affiliates is through the various tools and instruments the network offers.


Setting up a rotator for any given offer only takes a few clicks and you can save as many of these as you like in your account. Another very powerful service is that you have access to the translation team for any ad copy you may need.

AdCombo literally supports dozens of different languages and you can order as many translations as you’d like. English is used as the primary intermediary, so if you’d like to go from Spanish to Swedish, for instance, you’d first have to order Spanish to English, and then English to Swedish.

Make More Money Online

If you’re looking for an affiliate network that can offer you a winning combination of support, offer selection, additional services, and prompt payment, consider signing up for an account with AdCombo. Access offers from all over the world in one cohesive database and translate to your heart’s delight for maximum profit. The quick and easy payout — you can request a cashout at almost any time, so long as you meet the minimum threshold — is a definite plus.

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