AdsBridge Full Cycle Affiliate Marketing Solution

The basic underlying principle behind Internet marketing in general and affiliate marketing specifically is fairly simple. You have a product or service that you want to promote. You create a landing page where visitors can gain access to said product or service. You drive traffic to that landing page and you earn a commission when one of those visitors converts. Part of the struggle is fitting all of these pieces together in a successful and cohesive way.

Offering a “full cycle solution for affiliate marketers” is AdsBridge, which is currently being provided in free open beta. Today’s review will take a look at some of the key features and functions of the AdsBridge utility, determining whether it really will be a part of your “money making machine.”

Bridging the Great Divide

There are all sorts of different tools and software packages on the Internet that can take care of different aspects of Internet marketing. You’ve got some that help you design killer landing pages with the key elements that you desire. You’ve got others that aid in targeting and you’ve got others still that specialize in split-testing and the analytics that go along with that.


Easily one of the most valuable aspects of AdsBridge is that it is a full spectrum solution. What this means is that you don’t have to go hopping from tool to tool in order to launch and manage your affiliate marketing campaigns. It’s all here.

As you make your way through the list of features, you’ll find that you have a WYWIWYG editor for creating your own landing page from scratch, for example, as well as a range of high-converting templates that you can easily customize to suit your needs (more on this in a moment). AdsBridge does not limit the amount or type of traffic you funnel through it and you’ve got a lot of flexible targeting options to really maximize your ROI. The conversion tracking and reporting tools are there too.

Getting Started with AdsBridge

Signing up for a (currently) free account with AdsBridge is a a really fast process. They don’t require much else other than your name and email address, the latter of which will need to be verified. The verification message comes by in a matter of moments and then you’re up and running. You don’t have to wait to be approved.


Once you sign into your new account, you gain access to the AdsBridge dashboard. While this can be a little intimidating for someone who is brand new to affiliate marketing, the core functionality will be familiar to those of you who already work in this market. The main navigation is on the left, intuitively gathering together sections like campaigns, traffic sources, offers, landing pages and domains.

Before you create your first campaign, it’s easiest if you put all the other puzzle pieces in place first. Design your landing page, define the offers and traffic sources, and add your domains. Once you do, you simply create a new campaign, designating the vertical you’re approaching, the landing page(s) you’ll use and so on. It’s easily enough to split your traffic based on percentage to your different landing pages too.

Still overwhelmed? While I couldn’t find any walkthrough tutorial videos on the site, AdsBridge does have a dialog where you can request a personal one-on-one demo with one of their staff. This is a personalized tour of the tool, catered specifically to what you need it to do.

The WYSIWYG Landing Page Editor

You can use the landing page editor starting with a blank page or you can use any of the existing landing page templates as your starting point. I find it a little odd that the language defaults to Afrikaans (yes, I know it’s alphabetical), but that’s neither here nor there. Aside from that, you’ll also choose your vertical and traffic type (web or mobile).


The visual editor is remarkably robust, making it easy for you to drag, drop, stretch and move the different page elements as you see fit. It’s easy enough to add a box, an image, a button, a video or a form. You can also insert custom HTML very easily. The option to show page guides ensures that everything lines up as it should too.

Free for Now, But…

While AdsBridge is still in its open beta, it is absolutely free to use and you can leverage it for all your affiliate campaigns right this moment. That being said, the pricing plans are scheduled to be announced on April 1st (no fooling).

At that time, new customers will need to stick to those plans, while existing users can continue to use the free version until July 1st. Once you decide to upgrade to a paid plan as an early beta tester, you also gain access to “special lifetime discounts” yet to be determined.