AdToll – Your Tollgate to Web Traffic


AdToll is a new ad network started by two brothers, Dan and Paul Rucci of Perth, Western Australia. Development of the network started on October 2006 and went live on June 18, 2007. At the time of this ReviewMe review, the network has 316 active publishers. AdToll describes itself as a new advertising network bringing together publishers and advertisers providing effective, profitable and reliable service.

AdToll allow publishers to earn money through fixed price sponsored advertisements and Cost Per Click (CPC) Run of Network (RON) advertisements. Unlike other networks that take 50% or more of the publisher’s advertising revenue, AdToll offers a very generous 75% revenue share. Publishers also have a great amount of control on how the advertisements appear.

AdToll for Publishers

Webmasters looking to make money online will like what AdToll has to offer. Not only do they give a nice fat 75% revenue share, their entry requirements are very low. All they ask is that your site contain enough content to make the site useful and that you are using your own domain. In other words, no or any other free hosting services are allowed. Sites offering or promoting “get paid to read” or “get paid to click” programs, pyramid schemes or similar programs are also not accepted. However, adult sites are allowed as long as they meet the content and domain rule.

Signing up for AdToll is easy enough and approval was extremely fast – I was approved within a minute of signing up.


The publisher interface is extremely clean and easy to use. AdToll ad format range from text ads to ten different sized banners. They even offer 300×250 video ads. There are customization controls for font size and link colors. Another nice option is the ability to turn off the “Power by AdToll” and “Advertise here” text. Publishers also have control over what type of ads appear on their sites. That’s very important since AdToll accepts adult sites and advertisers.

Ad pricing is entirely up to the publisher. You can charge as much or as little as you want. High performing sites are featured on the AdToll home page.

While you’re waiting for a sale to come in, you are can show Run of Network (RON) ads or your own default ads. The RON rates are pretty low (as low as 1 cent per click for regions like India and Vietnam ) so you may want to default to your own house ad or another ad network. AdToll gives you the option to adjust the RON Vs. default level by assigning weight to them. A weight of 0% means your default ad will only be displayed when there are no Sponsored Ads or RON ads available. A weight of 100% means your default ad will always be displayed over RON ads. Anything in between refers to how often your Default Ad will be displayed over a Run of Network Ad.

AdToll offers payment by check, PayPal or wire/bank transfer. If you are an AdToll advertiser as well as a publisher, you can choose to have the income earned transferred to your AdToll Account Credit to buy ads from other publishers. The minimum payment is $20 for PayPal, $40 for check and $1,000 for wire. Payments to your AdToll Account Credit have no minimum.

AdToll for Advertisers


AdToll gives you the option to sign up as a publisher, advertiser or both. If you are a publisher, I recommend you also sign up as an advertiser because AdToll feature some really bargain sites to buy space on.

Because AdToll let publishers set their own pricing, most will price themselves too low because they don’t know the true value of their site or they want to shows up on the AdToll front page as a top performing site. In this case, top performing is for the advertiser, not the publisher. The current best performing site on AdToll cost only $18 per week for over 100,000 banner views. That works out to an average CPM of just 17 cents!

To help advertisers make better buying decisions, AdToll offers lots of publisher information like average CPM and click rates, plus estimated clicks per week and average CPC. They even allow publishers to make a pitch by answering the “Why advertise on [insert site]” question.

AdToll Affiliate Program

Like many other ad networks, AdToll offers an affiliate program. As a publisher you automatically earn commissions as an affiliate through the links provided in your Ad Groups. You can also use your affiliate link to refer customers to AdToll. You earn 5% commission on all sales made by a referred customer within the first 30 days of their membership. If you’re going to buy some ads on AdToll, make me 5% and use my affiliate link. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

AdToll Offer for John Chow dot Com Readers

To encourage advertisers to try out the service, AdToll is offering 15% extra credit for John Chow dot Com readers. Basically for every $50 dollar deposited into your ad account, AdToll will give you 15% extra credit. So for example, deposit $50 and get $7.50 extra, deposit $100 and get $15.00 extra, deposit $150 and get $22.50 extra, etc. To redeem this offer enter the promo code JC01 on the Deposit Funds screen.

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