Aductions Provides Truly Transparent Advertising


As an advertiser, you want to drive targeted traffic to your site while avoiding all the problems associated with click fraud. As a publisher, you want to attract top dollar for your online real estate, while avoiding all the scams. The Aductions advertising platform was created in an attempt to please both sides of equation. The three reasons why they feel Aductions is attractive are opportunity, transparency, and fairness. Do they deliver? That’s what this review is supposed to reveal.

Understanding the Aductions Platform

When it comes to most advertising networks on the Internet, there is a severe lack of transparency for both the publisher and the advertiser. Take Google Adsense, for example. Publishers have very little control over what ads eventually end up being displayed on their sites and, worse yet, we have very little control over how much we get paid per click. We also have no idea how much Google is taking from said advertisers. The people behind Aductions don’t like that and they want to provide a much greater level of transparency.

There are three main components to how the Aductions ad platform works:

  1. Publishers post available ad spaces in the system.
  2. Advertisers use the search engine to find appropriate ad spots.
  3. Ad spaces are purchased and profit is made.


In order to better understand how it works, check out the green “View Demo” link located on both the advertisers and publishers information pages. You can also have a read-through the extensive FAQ.

One very unique feature to the Aductions platform is that these ad spaces can actually be traded, much like stocks, in real-time. If you buy an ad space for $10, you can flip it minutes later for $20. These speculators make up the third set of members — beyond advertisers and publishers — who register with Aductions.

Advertising Options and Formats

Because Aductions isn’t really an ad network, there aren’t really any set formats for the advertisements. Publishers can do pretty much what they want and post the available ad spaces into the system. What this means is that if you want to purchase text link ads, those are available. So are banner ads, video ads, and those popular 125×125 pixel button ads too.

What’s more, just about every payment method is offered, so long as the publisher is up for it. It could be pay per thousand impressions (CPM), pay per click, pay per action, or even pay per unique view. You’ll also notice that there are two prices associated with each ad location: Bid and Ask. The “ask” is the price that the publisher would like to receive and the “bid” is the highest amount an advertiser is currently willing to pay.


But how can an advertiser determine which website offers the best marketing opportunity? That’s where another unique feature of Aductions comes into play. When publishers install the ad code on their site, this code also collects and feeds data back to the Aductions Platform. It tracks unique visitors, crawls the content, and keeps an eye on demographic and geographic information. And all of this data is freely displayed for all advertisers to review and consider. If you’re looking for transparency, you’ve got it.


No Commission? Really?

One of the frequently asked questions is, “How much does Aductions charge as commission from the trade of an ad space?” The answer reads:

Zero. Our policy is not to charge any commission on trades that are done on the Aductions Platform. We do not charge a trading commission because we want to promote free, unhindered trading among users.

If you’re thinking that this sounds too good to be true, you’d be right. There is definitely a commission but it is not based on the buying and selling of an ad space, so to speak. Instead, “Aductions charges users only on the profits that they make from the system.” Remember how I said you could flip an ad space for profit? Well, they ding you 25% of the profit (and not the total amount).

Does this mean that you can sell ad space for free too? Not exactly.

If the user delivers an ad to the ad space, they don’t pay any commission because they don’t make any direct profit when they deliver an ad. However, the publisher who makes the $100 profit will be charged a $25 commission.

I guess that’s still better than the 50% cut that so many other networks take.

A Little Too Transparent For My Tastes

Based on how I understand the Aductions search and trade ad platform, it sounds very advantageous to advertisers, because they can see full statistics of the ad spaces they’re thinking about buying. They can do all sorts of geo-targeting and have an upfront idea of what kind of CTR they should be expecting. From the publisher’s point of view, having all these stats publicly displayed can be a little disarming. It’s like standing naked in front of an auditorium.

Other folks may disagree and they may appreciate how open and honest Aductions seems to be. It’s not for me and somehow, the Aductions name bugs me. Maybe because all is see is the word duct.

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