Advice for Advertisers Ordering Sponsored Tweets/Posts

Both Sponsored Tweets and ReviewMe offer the advertiser the choice of having the blogger write the post/tweet or having the advertiser write it. If the advertiser choose the write it, the only thing I can do is copy and paste it. I am not allowed to change the post/tweet in any way. Here’s my advice for advertisers thinking of ordering a sponsored tweet or post.

Let Me Write It!

If you want to get a better return on your advertising dollars, I highly recommend you let me write the post. I know my readers way better than you and as such, I can present your message better. You’ll get more clicks and a more positive response from my readers. I’ve done five sponsored tweets in the past month. The one with the most clicks were the one where I wrote the tweets. The one with the less click was the one where the advertiser wrote the tweet.

While it’s a lot less work for me when the advertiser writes the post – and I can’t really complain about making $750 to do a copy and paste – I rather help my advertisers maximize their ROI by writing a post that is more targeted to my readership. Yes, they run the risk of receiving a negative review when they let me write it, but even a negative review will get them a better response than a copy and paste advertorial.