Affiliate Marketers Invited to Cashed Out Media

After working with Ndemand for some time, Mike Pacheco has since decided to break out on his own with his own venture. Bringing his wealth of experience in affiliate marketing, he has now launched a CPA affiliate network of his own and it’s called Cashed Out Media. They promise high payouts and a wide variety of top performing offers across multiple verticals. Is it everything they say and more? Let’s dig into today’s review and take a closer look at this affiliate network.

Big Bucks for Affiliates

Insofar as the core structure is concerned, Cashed Out Media will sound familiar to anyone who has worked in Internet marketing and has worked with other affiliate networks in the past. You find the offer you want to promote, you generate quality leads, and you earn a commission.


Whereas some other networks may place some rather stringent restrictions on how you choose to promote the offers, Cashed Out Media appears to be more flexible. When applying to run an offer, you’re asked what media you plan on using. Common options like banners and posts are in there, as well as adware, co-regs, PPC, upsell, and even radio and TV. It’s totally up to you.

In terms of payment, the standard scheme has payments being issued monthly on a net-30 basis when you reach the standard minimum threshold of $100. If you are able to generate a minimum of $1,000 per week in volume, you will be automatically upgraded to weekly payments to help with your cash flow.

User Dashboard

After signing up for an account, you may then be invited to join the network. And that’s when you get greeted by the core affiliate dashboard.


While many other affiliate control panels place the primary navigation at the top of the page, Cashed Out Media (which appears as Cashed Media Inc. for some reason) places the four main navigational links in the left sidebar — dashboard, offers, reports, and account info — in between the featured offer and the contact information for your affiliate manager.

A big key to your success could very well be working closely with your affiliate manager to find and optimize the best offers that best suit the traffic that you are able to generate and the leads you can bring in. Aside from that, you’ll also find a campaign summary, creative summary, performance summary, and a list of top offers on the main dashboard page.

Hundreds of CPA Offers

The good news is that Cashed Out Media really does deliver when it says that it comes a broad range of verticals. However, it is important to note that you do need to apply to run the overwhelming majority of offers in the network.


Of the nearly 800 different offers on the network, fewer than 25 are open to the public by default and, as of this writing, all of them only have a CPA of $1.25. If you want to earn better money, you’ll need to apply for the individual offers. This isn’t completely out of the norm, but it is worth mentioning.

As far as what verticals you will find in the network, some of the categories include credit reports, daily deals, dating, diets, education, fashion, games, health, male muscle, payday, tax settlement and travel. Of course, the individual payouts will vary considerably. The most lucrative offer currently on the network has an impressive $120 CPA , but there are also many offers that pay less than a dollar.


I did find that the information for several offers was incomplete, as is the case with this iPad mini email submit offer. Where the information does appear, you’ll find the usual kind of description about the vendor, as well as any information about restrictions. For instance, some offers may only allow US traffic or they may not allow for search engine marketing.

Major Money Making Opportunity?

If you’re looking for a private, invite-only network where you can flex some of your CPA muscle, Cashed Out Media could prove to be a lucrative opportunity for you. There is a good variety of offers available that approach a number of different verticals. That being said, the network is still lacking in some key documentation. You won’t find a FAQ page about payments, for instance, and the writeup on the publishers page sounds quite generic. I’d like to see greater support with the creatives provided with the offers, but that’s something that Cashed Out should be working on with its advertisers.

Until you give Cashed Out Media an honest go for some time, it’s hard to say whether it really will put more cash in your pocket than other CPA networks. You’ll just have to give it a try to find out.