Affiliate Marketing Blog from Kieron Donoghue


How appropriate that Kieron Donoghue ordered this ReviewMe review for his blog about affiliate and Internet marketing. As you may have noticed, I’ve been getting more and more into affiliate marketing and it has been accounting for a ever increasing share of my monthly blog revenue. When done correctly, affiliate marketing can be one of your biggest moneymakers. Any new resource that can help improve affiliate earnings is welcome. And Kieron’s affiliate marketing blog does just that.

Who Is Kieron Donoghue

According to Kieron Donoghue about me profile, Kieron is the following:


My name is Kieron Donoghue and I run UK Offer Media Ltd. My official title is Director but that sounds too serious and grown up! I thought it would be fun to post a daily (well hopefully daily) blog, writing about my experiences in New Media and more specifically Affiliate Marketing. I’ll include some personal stuff too, probably about my other passion, music.

Kieron specializes in making money online through websites that push affiliate deals. Some of his sites include Broadband Providers, Cheap Mobiles, Credit Card, Health and Beauty, Jewellery, Loans and UK Offers. You can see a more complete list of Kieron’s affiliate sites on his blog,

Does Kieron make money from these sites? Here’s a print out of his December to January bank statement showing he made about $140,000.


The Blog of Kieron Donoghue

The Kieron Donoghue blog has been around even longer than this blog. It was started on April 4, 2005. In those early days, Kieron would end his blog post by telling what music he’s listening to. He still does that to this very day.

Kieron has done a good job on keeping his blog updated. There’s usually at least one new blog post everyday and on days when there isn’t one, Kieron will post two or three posts the next day to make up for it. Some of his recent posts that affiliate marketers would be interested in include:

Kieron discusses many different affiliate networks in his blog but nearly all of them are UK based – not surprising since he lives in the UK. However, the advice he dispenses is timeless and applies to all affiliate marketers and not just UK ones. He uses his own affiliate sites for many case study examples.

Monetizing Kieron Donoghue

Kieron waited a long time before monetizing his blog. As a matter of fact, Kieron didn’t offer advertising on his blog until February of this year.

Are you interested in advertising on this blog? Traffic levels are increasing on a daily basis and I am currently number 4 for Affiliate Marketing in Google and number 3 in Google UK results for Affiliate Marketing.

In addition to direct banners, Kieron runs Google AdSense under each blog post. However, you won’t see the Google Ad on the front page. Kieron can improve AdSense performance by adding it to his home page. At his stated ad rate, Kieron is making $1,000 per month from, plus whatever Google AdSense and that buyat banner brings in. That’s very good income level for a blog at his size.

To attract more direct advertisers, Kieron needs to increase the traffic to his blog and increase his RSS readership. This review should help him do both. I’ve added Kieron’s blog to my Google reader (he offers a full feed RSS). Anyone who has a $300,000 a month PPC budget is definitely worth checking out.