Affiliate Marketing: Good for Your Health (and Wallet)

Making money online isn’t exactly the easiest endeavor, but you can do all sorts of things to stack the odds in your favor. One of these strategies is to focus on a highly profitable niche. After all, if you’re going to put in the work, you may as well get paid for it.

It’s with that kind of philosophy that we take a look at As we make our way through this review, we’ll learn what this ad network has to offer and how it differs from the countless other ad networks on the web.

All About Health and Beauty

They say that variety is the spice of life, but as a result, it’s hard to become an expert in any one area. Whereas most other networks try to encompass every possible niche, is different. It only focuses on health and beauty.

You won’t find any affiliate offers related to the Snuggie or international travel here. Instead, the offers are entirely focused on weight loss, men’s health, skin care, and the like. says it focuses on this niche because it is one of the most profitable.

What Kinds of Offers?

Even though the focus is on just one niche, the offers available through still have some variety. They work directly with tier-1 advertisers like Extenze and Hydroxatone, as well as with tier-2 advertisers, the latter of which on a prepay basis.

There are likely some offers that may be exclusive to, but you’ll also find a number that are “streamlined” from other trusted networks like CX Digital, Neverblue, and Copeac.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the payouts are quite generous. Many offers are in the $40 CPA range, whereas others are on a revenue share basis. It’s also notable that you still get credit for re-orders, offering another stream of residual income. At the same time, you don’t lose out when it comes to product returns.

Referrals are most easily tracked through online venues, but you can also earn commissions based on sales through other channels as well. Just make sure that the prospective customer mentions your referral ID when they call in for a phone order, for instance.

Getting Paid Twice a Month

Naturally, each of the affiliate offers will come with their own share of different ad creatives. They have banners, text links, and the like. The advanced webmaster features include a good range of tracking options, as well as hidden affiliate link technology, XML data feeds, RSS article feeds and the like.

In terms of payment details, has a pretty good deal. You get paid twice a month and the minimum threshold is just $40. Based on most of the CPA offers, it means you only need one conversion to reach this benchmark.

Payment is available by check, bank wire, or PayPal. If you’re able to generate 20 or more sales per day, you can “negotiate special commission and payment requirements.” You can request weekly bank wires if you’re pushing that kind of volume. There’s also a reward program for even more bonuses.

Registration and Signup

In terms of the sign up process with, it’s pretty straightforward. You fill out the form, offering your phone number, address, and so on. However, your account has to be “verified” before you can do anything.

If you try to log into your account in the meantime, you’ll be shown the screen above. Thankfully, the verification process usually happens within the day; just make sure you’re around to answer the phone call.

All in all, Health Converter looks like a solid affiliate network that focuses on one very specific niche. It’s good if you want to capitalize on the health and beauty industry, but it may not be quite as useful for other folks. The low payout threshold and twice-monthly payment schedule are certainly nice though.