Affiliate Marketing with Credit Card Deposit

In a world powered by plastic, it can be difficult selecting the best credit card for the job. Some give you reward miles, others have a low acceptance threshold, others still may provide you with unlimited spending. If the concept behind sounds familiar, that’s because I did a ReviewMe of a very similar site earlier this month. Is this one any better? In some ways, yes it is.

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Much like that other credit card site, outlines a wide range of different credit cards spanning all sorts of genres and banks. They’re organized by a variety of categories like gas credit cards, student credit cards, and even poor credit credit cards. And just like before, each and every “apply now” link is an affiliate link, making money for the people behind

There are a few key differences, however, that set this money making scheme apart. For starters, the main page actually has “real” content with a 200-word introduction into what the website is all about. It starts with a brief commentary about how credit cards are obligatory in today’s society — renting a car, getting a hotel room, making online purchases, etc. — and then it goes to tell you how you can search for just the right card to suit your needs. It almost sounds noble, but we all know that this site is clearly a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They’re just after the affiliate dollars, after all.

Someone Needs a Freelance Writer

So, while it’s a good thing that the people behind Credit Card Deposit went through the trouble of creating some semi-quality content that might actually be useful — they even created an About Us page, though it really says nothing about the actual people behind the site — the content isn’t written all that well. Maybe I’m just a little nit-picky, but when I started making my way around the website, I discovered a significant amount of grammar and spelling mistakes.


Let’s leave style points aside for just a moment. The tagline in the main banner even has a simple capitalization error. It reads “Dozens of Credit Card Applications, complete Online Credit Resource Center.” An elementary school student can tell you that the word “complete” in that statement should be capitalized. Basic things like this really take away from the otherwise professional appearnace of Credit Card Deposit.

On the main page, there are a few things that need to be corrected or rewritten. In the first paragraph, it says that “you can always print an online order form and mail your order with a check or money.” That’s just poorly worded. By switching the ending to “with cash or a check”, the statement would flow a little better. There’s also punctuation mistakes: “Not everyone however can qualify for credit.” Am I a grammar nazi? I don’t think so. I don’t have too much of an issue when John goofs on this blog, but the credit card site should portray a certain level of professionalism. And spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors just won’t do.


That’s a Lot of Credit

Browsing through the dozens of different credit cards is pretty easy, especially with the convenient categories listed on the side. You can also sift through the selection based on the issuing bank. For each credit card entry, there are a series of bullet points that highlight the key features, and then there is a summary at the bottom that outline the introductory APR, regular APR, annual fee, and so on. But wait, there’s more.

When you click through on just about every credit card on the site, you are given a nice long review of what the card is all about. The American Express SimplyCash Business Card, for example, got an overall rating of 4/5 and a benefit rating of 5/5. The review goes on to describe the most and least attractive features, as well as any additional perks the card may have. This is a lot of information, and it might actually be useful for someone shopping for a new credit card.

All in all, I can say that I am reasonably pleased with what has accomplished with the simple design, level of content, and variety of cards. To improve the professionalism of the site, though, I’d advise them to revise the actual written content.