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Back in the early days of the Internet, you could just throw up a CPM banner and work on increasing the number of impressions. Google AdSense came along and forced publishers to put a little more focus on increasing the click-thru rate. With the arrival of affiliate marketing, the focus is taken even further. You not only need your visitors to notice and click on the ads, you need them to complete a certain action.

As its name implies, is one such pay-per-lead affiliate program. In its own words, sells “generated leads through a unique auction system that allows our affiliates to make maximum profits.” I like money.

Why Work with

On the surface, it was hard to find anything that really set this affiliate program apart from the rest of the crowd. On the main page, boasts that it has the highest per lead payouts in the industry, highest traffic conversion rates, real-time reporting, and quick bi-weekly payouts.

I’ll discuss the high payouts and the conversion rates in a moment, but the one major thing that I appreciate about is the the bi-weekly payout schedule. This means that you don’t have to too long to get your money from Contrast this to other networks that only pay out once every 30, 45, or 60 days. It’s also useful that offers a wide variety of payment options, as shown above.

Control Panel and Creatives

Logging into the control panel, you are immediately faced with news from the network, both in Russian and in English. Despite its Russian slant, says that it only accepts American traffic. That can be a little confining, given the international nature of the Internet.

You are able to navigate through the different sections by way of the menu bar at the top of the screen. The websites tab displays the sites that are currently advertising through, broken down based on category. Common categories include home insurance, debt relief, and payday loans.

Other useful areas in the control panel include the T3forum (accessed under Info), Promo (for banners), and Statistics. There are four different kinds of reports available.

Advertiser and Payout Information

Unlike other affiliate programs, T3 does not appear to make any specific mention about how many each advertiser pays when you send a qualified lead their way. A lead is considered generated when a site visitor fills out an “express application” form. This typically consists of a first and last name, email address, state, and zip code.

Going through the different websites and ad creatives, you won’t find any numbers regarding how much each lead is worth. How am I supposed to know that is offering the best payouts in the industry? That’s a claim that every affiliate network makes and it’s starting to get awfully cliche. That said, there is one sentence on the main page that says we can earn “from $5 up to $150 per lead.”

Digging a little deeper, I found that the payout is based on a number of factors: “Age of the customer, his state, credit score, etc.” Advertisers must bid for the lead, and that’s where the “auction” part of the equation comes into play. Going through the FAQ, I wasn’t able to find any specific information about the referral program. Is it a flat payout for referring a new publisher? A percentage of their earned commissions? Just a pat on the back?

Signing Up with

From a logistics point of view, I don’t have too many complaints about It looks like nearly any other affiliate network and you have a good selection of payment options, each with a different minimum threshold. All of these come with bi-weekly payouts, assuming you meet the threshold.

Where I do have complaints about is in its transparency. I have no idea how much each lead is generating and there is virtually no information about the individual advertisers. I need to know whether advertiser X is potentially more lucrative than advertiser Y. There is quite a bit of difference between promoting something that pays a $0.01/lead and something that pays $150/lead. What about incentivization? needs to provide publishers with this kind of information.