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What’s affiliate profit in a box?

Is it a website that can earn you some quick bucks?

Or a folder full of website templates to start marketing online in about 15 minutes?

If that’s what you’ve on your mind right now, I’m sorry but affiliate profit in a box is not what you think.

But you guessed right, it’s going to be a website where you could earn as much income as possible.

It’s not going to happen overnight.

You need to work hard to set it up but afterwards; the passive income can be enough to make you smile from chin to chin.

Affiliate profit in a box – what’s it?

Making money online is not all about working hard. Yes, you need to do all you can and wait for success to come. But most times, success can come slower than you planned.

When I was 12, I told my mom that I wanted to become a millionaire at age 26.

From all indications, that’s going to happen because it’s a choice I made – the choice consequently became a shining light on my path. Making money online boils down to choices we make and the willingness to take action.

So, affiliate profit in a box is a system I developed that works for everyone. Nothing heavenly or out of the box, but it’s proven to generate staggering income. It doesn’t matter if Google is releasing the weirdest of wild animals – you could still benefit from niches sites.

For anyone who still struggles to earn income online, using the system of affiliate profit in a box could change your financial state.

The problem with most people

As I said earlier, you may work hard at the wrong tasks. Super Affiliates and successful bloggers all have one thing in common. They’re go-getters. When they set a goal, they’d work their butts off to make it real.

They work smarter than lazy marketers, too. Whenever my earnings from my internet assets decline, instead of growing, I’d know certainly that my productivity level is falling. Not that I don’t work hard, but it seems I’m doing the wrong tasks.

So, people work hard and don’t make enough money online, because they are working hard at the wrong stuffs. Just like a freelance writer who wants to land writing gigs, they need to market their expertise. In order words, they must write and write until writing becomes their second nature.

How affiliate profits in a box works        affiliate profit in a box

You’ll be creating websites in profitable niches.

Don’t worry about Panda or Penguin, so long you do the right thing, everything would be all right.

It’s about quality content and building a hub around your niche sites.

Bear in mind that the niches sites you create will be blogs. Not the traditional micro blogs of 2 – 5 pages.

You’ve to increase the number of pages on these affiliate niche blogs. No gimmicks, no blackhat SEO, but pure optimization that Google’s Executives recommend.

Most of my money making niches sites have 6 – 15 pages. And guess what?

The articles are engaging, well-researched and have links from authority sites. Funny enough, Google panda didn’t penalize any of my sites. Oops, you thought everyone was a prey? No way!

Perhaps you’re wondering if you should use article spinner to generate content, and to that I say a BIG FAT “NO.” Remember, making money online isn’t a hit-and-run thing, it’s takes a while. And as you’re waiting for your sites to soak up the web, keep working smart on your content.

Don’t expect to earn money from a new affiliate site in the first month. If it happens, good for you my dear. Patience and action are the two secret spices to making a living online.

Here are 6 steps to ensure you don’t go broke again:

  1. Choose a profitable niche (I prefer health, computer, rental and food niches. Stay away from money making offers for now).
  2. Select a recurring affiliate offer – this one should put money in your bank account every single month, without additional efforts (e.g web hosting, autoresponder, membership sites, accounting services, online tutorials).
  3. Build a simple WordPress blog, with a colorful header (a tip that can increase conversion rate).
  4. Join an autoresponder service – capture email leads and follow up with email courses for at least 10 days. During this time, write or outsource 10 quality articles on target keywords. Within 10 days, your new blog would be indexed by Google spider.
  5. Drive traffic to your niche blog – Encourage visitors to subscribe to your email list and make sure you’ve a good list-bait (ebook, short report, templates, graphics toolkit and so on) for them. Click here for email marketing tip.
  6. Keep updating your niche blogs at least once a week. Just write an evergreen (never expires) article and publish. Link back to your product page.
  7. Relax and watch your affiliate commission skyrocket.


What I’ve just shared with you is a proven technique to transform your life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an affiliate marketer already or you make few bucks a month. Affiliate profit in a box is a decision that can change a man’s life.

This is just Part 1 in the Affiliate-Profit-In-A-Box Series. I’d be detailing more strategies to help your niche blogs rank highly on Google. You’re still scared of panda? Stop kidding me, nothing should make you whine – go out there and make your life count.

Do you think affiliate marketing is worth your time? Please leave a comment on the box below. See you at the top!

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