Affordable SEO with Guaranteed Results

It’s obvious enough that ranking well for your target keywords and keyword phrases should help to increase the traffic that you receive at your website, whether it a professional blog, an online store, or any other kind of website. However, search engine optimization can be a very tricky business and there are so many people out there who claim to be experts.

When it comes to affordable SEO, you want to make sure that you actually get results. That’s why today’s review of will be of interest for many webmasters. Their claim is simple: “We rank websites.”

Improve Your Google Rankings

At first glance, RankPop might sound like any number of other SEO firms that you find on the Internet. You hire them, tell them about your website, and tell them the keywords that you’re trying to target.

In turn, they work their magic and they do what they can to get your website higher up on the Google search engine results page for those target keywords. That sounds simple enough, but there’s more to it than that. In addition to doing their part of the agreement, RankPop will also “take a look at what your goals are and give you some suggestions.”

What this means is that while their experts work on the off-page part of the search engine optimization, they provide you with the specific advice and instructions that you can do to improve the on-page part of SEO. They also suggest related keywords that may offer more traffic (or less competition) than the ones that you propose.

Only Pay When You Get Results

That still doesn’t sound all that different from other SEO service providers, but RankPop has one monumental feature that sets them apart: they only charge you when they increase your rankings. If your search engine ranking doesn’t improve, you don’t pay. This isn’t a money back guarantee, since you don’t give them money in the first place unless you get real results.

Naturally, the only real way that you can know for sure whether RankPop will be effective in improving your Google rankings is to use their service. However, you will find some examples of their previous work right on the RankPop homepage. Above is the result for a residential plumbing site, getting the #1 spot in Google results for its target keyword.

And here is a video that tells you a little more about RankPop and how the service works.

How Do They Do It?

RankPop isn’t wielding some black magic. Instead, the core strategy is rather simple: they help you develop backlinks from “thousands of websites” around the Internet, using the right target anchor text.

The link-building strategy is multi-faceted, helping you get those links from forums, blogs, press releases, social networks, articles, and more. It is important that your links come from a variety of sources. RankPop will also “create blogs for you… that we manage on your behalf which reference your site.”

When combined with the on-page optimizations that they suggest, this two-pronged SEO strategy should be reasonably effective. The good news is that if it doesn’t work, you don’t pay. The catch is that moving up just one spot can be considered improvement.

Monthly Reports, Monthly Payments

As you know, your search engine ranking can fluctuate quite frequently. So, RankPop operates on a monthly cycle and they will send you a report once a month to show the progress that they have achieved for your site and for your target keywords. For example, if you sign up on September 15th, the report will compare your ranking on that day with October 15. How your ranking changes between those two days presumably does not matter in the context of paying for the RankPop service.

Payment is handled by a PayPal subscription. Should your search engine rankings improve, you’re then on the hook for $450 a month. You can leave at any time, but you can also stay on to keep rising to the top. If you stick around until you get that coveted first spot, you may as well stick around. After all, they can’t charge you unless you improve and there’s no spot higher than number one.