Al Chapman Wants To Share The Incentives

John Chow dot Com reader Al Chapman got so tired of waiting for AGLOCO to get their act together that he decided to create his own “Economic Network.” The amazing thing is, Al managed to create a reasonable facsimile of AGLOCO (including a working Viewbar) within a few weeks. It really makes you wonder what those MBAs’ at AGLOCO are doing.

The new site is call Share Incentives and Al ordered this ReivewMe review because he needs your help to beta test and finish it.

Hey John – Love the blog! Still a lot of work to do on the site but really would like to have your readers involved helping complete the site. It’s an opportunity for a community to earn money, invest in start ups and other online income generating strategies without having to put up the time or money.

It Really Should Be Call an Alpha


Share Incentive would like you to believe they are in the beta stage. However. from looking at all the incomplete features, I would call them an alpha. There are no links for pages like Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Membership Agreement. The member control panel look unfinished. The site has has numerous errors and there is no clear message on what the site really does. I still couldn’t understand how it works even after reading how it works.

From what I have been able to find out, Share Incentive will make money from advertising shown in their Viewbar, ads from the video center that shows YouTube videos, and a marketplace where members buy and sell stuff. Every member is giving a store (this is my one) but all the graphics are broken.

The Viewbar does not display properly on my dual screen setup. Three quarters of the bar is on screen one and the rest is on screen two. The Viewbar shows ads only and nothing else. I ran it for five minutes before turning it off. Amazingly enough, I managed to rack up 187 points during those five minutes of surfing. Points are used to purchases prizes but when I went to check the prize page there was nothing available.

Judging by the direct and extended referrals on the stats pages, I can only assume that Share Incentives is using the same business model as AGLOCO. I can also assume that the extended referrals goes down four levels just like AGLOCO. I don’t know for sure because it’s not listed anywhere on the site.

At this point I am thinking, “Man, they’re going to need a major incentive to get anyone to sign up with the site in its current state.” Well, it turns out they have one.

Win $500 Cash from Share Incentives

To create an incentive for people to join and help complete the site, Al Chapman is offering an extra incentive to John Chow dot com readers.

Also would like to offer anyone who signs up under your referral link a unique contest. Who ever signs up under your link and gets the most points (earned by using the bar and referrals will earn $500. Contest will end Jan 31.

While offering the $500 is a nice incentive, I am not sure how well the site will do. AGLOCO has been around of over a year and has yet to pay out a cent to its members. In addition, their SSL certificate expired on November 18 and hadn’t been renewed. That is not a good sign. A even worst sign is that site no longer loads.

There is nothing wrong with copying a company. However, maybe Al should have copied a company that was making money.