All Sorts of Themes for Every Apple iGadget

If you’ve been watching any of the Dot Com Pho videos, then you’ll know that we have at least a few iPhone and iPad fans among us. You’ll also know that we like to customize our electronics to best suit our personalities and personal preferences.

Yes, you could go about trying to find some free iPad themes on your own, much like how you can find free WordPress themes, but the premium marketplace is really where you find some of the best content. And that’s exactly the mentality behind Cool Themes, the membership site that serves as the subject of today’s review. On that site, you’ll find themes for your iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

Get Themes for Your Apple Device

If you’re expecting something completely groundbreaking, you might as well start to look somewhere else. At its core, Cool Themes is just a website that is filled with themes for your Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod, and iPod touch.

Even though the site (as far as I can tell) is called Cool Themes, you may find that the domain is quite interesting. It’s That’s a lot longer than you would normally want for a good domain, but the owner has clearly targeted certain keywords in this regard.

When you purchase and download themes from this site, the assumption is that you’ll get a package that is compatible with a range of Apple devices. It doesn’t matter if you want a larger iPad theme or you want something smaller for your iPod touch; it should be in there.

Caught Up in World Cup Fever

Even so, there are different sections outlined in the main navigational toolbar at the top for the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Even underneath these, there are additional subcategories for iPhone wallpapers, backgrounds, and images.

From what I can tell, this is more for search engine optimization and keyword stuffing purposes that to actually provide you with distinct sections with different content. The page for iPhone wallpaper looks the same as the iPhone background one to me.

Every month, thirty new themes are released and these are available as instant downloads. One such example is the timely release of the World Cup soccer themes. They have a theme for every country, as well as the “main” World Cup theme, adding up to a total of 32 themes in all.

You can buy this batch for seven dollars or you can opt for the lifetime subscription price of $27. This grants you access to all the themes, both current and future, for one all-inclusive price. If you plan on changing your theme as often as you change your t-shirt, you might want to take that option.

Custom Theme Design Too

Don’t see what you want in the library of currently available themes? No problem. You can ask to create a special custom theme just for you. This is not included in the $27 membership fee, however.

Instead, a completely custom theme design package chimes in at $99. The package will include specially designed themes for the iPod touch, iPod classic, iPhone, and iPad.

Maybe you want to get a unique Make Money Online theme to go along with the iPad you’re going to win. That sounds like a good pairing to me.

Worth the Money or Not?

It’s up to you to determine whether you want to spend $27 on some images, backgrounds, and themes for your various Apple gadgets. You could go and find a few images of your own, but you may have to go through the trouble of resizing them and otherwise optimizing them for the iPad or iPhone.

This service does that work for you and you can already choose from an increasingly large selction of themes. It’s not like $27 is a lot of money, but this comes down to a personal decision.