An Electric Car I Would Not Mind Owning

Normally I don’t like electric cars or hybrids. It’s not that I am environmentally unfriendly, it’s just I find electric cars to be not sporty enough for my taste. Well, it seems that Tesla Motors has the answer to helping the environment and driving around in a cool car.


I first read about the Tesla Roadster in Car & Driver and at the.[ED]ition, who call it The World’s Only Cool Electric Car. I’m not sure I would agree with that statement – I actually think the Toyota Prius Hybrid is pretty cool. I just wouldn’t buy one. However, I would put an offer down on a Tesla Roadster. There’s just something evil about an electric car that can do zero to 60 in 4 seconds.

The Tesla Roadster is based on a Lotus Elise and starts at $92,000 – a hefty price to pay for something that is battery powered. The batteries are good for 250 miles per charge – it takes 3.5 hours to recharge. The first batch of a hundred Roadsters are sold out but you can order yours for a $30k to $50k deposit today and you should get it sometime in 2008.

Not only can the Tesla save you money at the gas pump but Vancouver is considering passing a bylaw which will allow electric and hybrid cars to park on downtown streets without paying the parking meter. A few cities in the California have already passed such a bylaw.