Anastasia Returns with Asian, African, and Latin Flair

The people who choose to read and advertise on John Chow dot Com come from all kinds of different industries. Some of them are interested in technology, others in social media. And then there are those who are interested in women.

You might remember a review I wrote early last year for a certain online dating service. Well, apparently they were quite pleased with that piece, because Anastasia International is back to order another review. Don’t worry; they’ve got some new stuff going on that actually warrants a second look.

The Deal with Anastasia’s Affiliates

As a quick refresher, Anastasia International offers “premium affiliate programs from the best dating provider ever.” In short, you get paid when you get some lonely guys to sign up for a connection.

This is quite the lucrative business, to say the least, and I’ll get to the payout breakdown in just a moment. Back when I wrote the review in 2009, Anastasia International only connected these lonely guys with lovely gals from Russia (and neighboring areas). Well, they’ve expanded.

Now, when you sign up for the dating affiliate program, you actually sign up for four separate programs all at once. This helps to cater to different tastes, so to speak, in the women that these men would like to meet.

An International Affair

The original program connected you with, but now there are three more offers on the table:,, and

As you can probably figure out on your own, these three related services are designed connect those interested with Latin, Asian, and African women, respectively. You still have access to the women from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) via the core AnastasiaDate program too.

They say that you should diversify your portfolio to attract the widest possible client base. I suppose that’s why they decided to expand the services. These three “sister national dating sites” were added about two weeks ago.

How Much Money Can I Make?

While you could certainly make use of these “dating services” for your own purposes, it’s the affiliate program that is being highlighted in today’s review. With that in mind, how much money can you make from lonely guys looking for pretty ladies around the world?

Just as before, there are multiple program configurations that you can choose. With the “Per First Order” Program, you earn $250 on the first order that a referred customer makes on Anastasia. You earn no more money on subsequent purchases.

For that, you’ll want to opt for the “Per Each Order Program” (they really need to change these names into something a little more grammatically correct). This pays you $125 for each order made by your referred members. At the low end, there is also the Per Lead Program, which pays $5 per lead. They just have to register for you to make money, rather than placing an order.

New to the Anastasia portfolio is the Affiliate Tour Program. Based on what I understand, the member doesn’t opt to date a single woman from one of these countries. Instead, they go on a “Romance Tour” to places like Ukraine, Asia and Latin America. With this program, you make $500 per booked tour.

These are above and beyond the 2nd Tier Program. Refer other webmasters and you earn 10% of their income. This is where building up your list would come in very handy.

Capitalizing on Lonely Hearts

Whether or not you can make money with Anastasia International is really up to what you can do and how well your marketing is able to perform. The payouts are certainly lucrative, earning you several hundred dollars at a time, so it’s simply a matter of getting those lonely souls to commit (and place orders).

Are you up to the Internet dating challenge?