Another Look at Free Images from PicApp

Another Look at Free Images from PicApp

Does the PicApp name sound familiar? It should! It wasn’t that long ago that I wrote my first review on the service for free licensed photographs.

In case you didn’t catch it the first time around, PicApp is a website where you can search for all sorts of premium licensed photos. The kicker is that you can freely embed any of these pictures, which come from sources like Getty Images and Jupiter Images, on your website or blog without any concern for copyright infringement. It’s all free for you to use.

Well, the team at PicApp decided to order a second review for their service, this time highlighting a slightly different set of features. You can think of the first review as an introduction and this second one as a more specific chapter in a book.

The SEO Benefits of PicApp

As you know, search engine optimization can play a major role in the success of your website or blog. You want to rank well in the search engines for your target keywords and keyword phrases, but how can using images from PicApp help?

Sifting through the official PicApp blog, you can read a post on exactly this topic. More specifically, the PicApp team says that using their images can be like using “a real SEO steroid.”

That’s because each of the images that you embed from PicApp come preloaded with “in-depth and professional metadata and captions.” As you know, having an SEO-friendly file name, along with good “alt” and “title” text can go a long way in helping Google understand exactly which keywords it should associate with your image.

Another Look at Free Images from PicApp

Even if you’re not a site that is particularly focused on images, you have to recognize that over 10% of searches online are being conducted for images. The Google Image Search utility is used extensively by just about everyone. If you can rank there and someone clicks on the embedded image of John Mayer, guess whose site shows up in the lower frame? Yup, that could be yours.

Should the site visitor find that your website or blog provides more useful information or other related photos, they just might stick around or even bookmark your page. The higher quality images from PicApp will certainly help in that respect too.

Can you achieve similar results with your own photos? Of course you can, but you will need to spend the time to create your own high-quality pictures (or hire a photographer) and you’ll need to write your own in-depth metadata to accompany them (or hire a writer). Even then, you probably would not be able to get your own shots of Barack Obama and Taylor Swift… but PicApp can provide thousands of those for you.

A Noteworthy Endorsement from Blogger

In my first review, I noted how PicApp got an official endorsement from the community and how there was a plug-in to work with self-hosted installations. PicApp plays friendly with other platforms too, but it got a noteworthy endorsement from the crew too.

Going through the official help documents for Blogger, you’ll find one entry that discusses using images from the web. In addition to a paragraph on “stealing” bandwidth, it also talks about copyrighted materials.

Another Look at Free Images from PicApp

In it, Google says that “if you’re unsure whether or not an image is copyrighted, it’s best not to risk it. However, there are places that make it easier for you to find images you’re allowed to use.” The first place listed is PicApp. It’s a full two slots above the Flickr Creative Commons search. That’s a big achievement!

I don’t think I’m supposed to say anything just yet, but I hear that PicApp will have another major announcement to make early next year. Stay tuned for that.