Apple iAds Is Awesome – Makes $1,400 In One Day

It looks like the new Apple iAds advertising platform is proving to be a boom for developers. Jason Ting, an iPhone app developer, has posted his results from running the new Apple advertising network and it’s very impressive: $1,400 in one day for his iAds supported iPhone 4 app.

Ting’s iPhone program lets you turn your iPhone’s flash, a new feature for the iPhone 4, into an LED flashlight. While the app got a solid number of downloads, what impressed Ting most were the amount of money the app made from iAds.

Ting’s LED flashlight app generated $1,372.20 in revenue in one day. What’s even more impressive is the eCPM (effective cost per 1,000) was a whopping $147.55! That’s even more than what this blog makes!

1 Day Income from iAds

The 11.8% click through rate is extremely high but iAds is a new advertising medium so high clicks are to be expected. It will be interesting to see if the click holds up over time.

As nice as making $1,400 a day is, Ting could be doing even better once Apple ramps up the platform. Right now, they’re able to only fill 34.9% of Ting’s inventory. If Apple is able to sell Ting out, he’ll be making nearly $4,000 per day!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to dream up an iAds powered iPhone app…